Doybanannounces “Games without Installation” to launch on Kickstarter

 Doybanannounces “Games without Installation” to launch on Kickstarter

Embracing 5G to revolutionize the gaming experience

March 30th, 2021, independent game developer–Doyban has announced the launch of a campaign called“Games without Installation” on Kickstarter withina limited 32-day long period. The project seeks to raise an initial goal of  €16,384 to fund a new project that focuses on small games played on chat platforms such as Messenger, without the need for installation. Doyban is leveraging 5G technology to drive the future of gaming combining fun, easy to play games with the convenience of no-install operation.

Games without installation have gained popularity rapidly, with millions of users worldwide. Doyban’s crowdfunding campaign seeks to build on the popularity of chat-based games today.

“These are called Instant Games on chats such as Messenger or WeChat. Maybe this has not yet been noticed by many players. However, we are playing these games without installation on our devices.” notes Daniel Danielecki, founder of Doyban.

The campaign created by gaming enthusiasts at Doyban is unlike any other. Building around a science-based concept of every number in the project being a power of 2, the campaign is not just a business financing endeavor. It also creates a lot of fun for the participants. The accompanying Social Media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter has reached millions of users. The campaign launch looks popular. In addition to that, Doyban has established business alliances by partnering with Amazon Web Services Activate (AWS Activate), Ditectrev, Kickbooster, OpenGameArt, and Oswald Labs Accelerator.

With no installation required, games played on Messenger; and other chat platforms provide a simple way to grab some game time even on a busy day. Daniel Danielecki predicts, “In the future, all games will be playable without installation. Never mind whether it will be adesktop, mobile, or a watch device. 5G will be a game-changer for the gaming industry, and we hope to benefit from this.”

Doyban is a future-focused developer operating as a fully remote company that embraces the distributed team model alongside advanced communications technology.

Kickstarter is a well-known platform for successful funding campaigns, particularly in the gaming space. You can find more about the Kickstarter and the “Games without Installation” campaign at

You can contact Doyban and learn more about the company and its current projects at

Paul Watson