Oil Filled Radiator Heater

 Oil Filled Radiator Heater

These days, oil heaters have become normal. An oil heater is also called a petroleum-filled radiator or an oil-filled heater. It is really easy to understand the oil-heater operating theory. It uses oil to transfer heat, as the name suggests. Inside the furnace, the heating elements heat the oil that transmits the heat by convection to the metal wall. The heat is then transmitted to the wall via oil through conductivity. Then air convection and thermal radiation transfer heat to the surrounding area.

Bajaj Majesty RH 13F Plus Room Heater

With this immensely smart radiator heater, you can quickly heat up and relax. The heaters in Bajaj rooms help you stay chilly with a wide range of heaters ranging from oil-filled heaters (OFR) and fans and fans to PTC and radiant heaters.

This 13-fin OFR heater is a product ISI-approved and includes several protection measures to avoid possible malfunctions. The room is completely warm due to the tubular heating elements used in the boiler. It also comes with a ceramic 400 Watt PTC fan to enhance heating efficiency.

The best OFR heater available for safety measures is Bajaj Majesty RH 13F. It is enhanced to avoid malfunctions when in service with the Quadra safety standards. While the heater body is made of CRCA material, it provides strength and oxidation protection. It has a surprisingly noiseless operation that gives sufficient warmth. The warranty is two years.

Oil-Filled Heaters in the Radiator Room: Purchase Guide

Fins Number

Before purchasing a radiator heater, it is an essential thing to remember. The more fins, the quicker the healing process is. For a small, medium-sized space, a nine-fin to the eleven-fin heater is considered the best option. Simultaneously, the heaters are the perfect heater for larger rooms, with 13-fins to 15-fins.


Instead of the smaller heater, the OFR heater with wider fins tends to disperse the heat equally. Also, a high enough height is needed to speed up the healing time of the surface.

Electricity usage

Energy use is commensurate with the number of heater fins used. The more fins are, the more electricity is consumed. The 2000-2500 Watt heater is, however, considered an acceptable buying model.

Settings for heat

It provides you with more heat adjustment power for your convenience. Most heaters are provided with three variable settings, however. This function is ideal for varying conditions of temperature.


Since OFR heaters are heavier than standard indoor heaters, they need to be mobile in size. The roller rollers to the heater base make it easy to portably. You can move the heater easily without worry about your desired spot.

Plug Type

Most of the heaters are equipped with three pins that might not suit the normal power supply. For the work of these heaters, additional cabling can be needed. You, therefore, have to look at the power plug for comfort in the furnace.

Length of the cord 

A cord length can cause ironing obstruction. Ensure the model with the highest cable length is purchased.

Swivel Cord 

It ensures that the cord does not tie or swirl.

Light Indicator

It shows when the heater heats in some heaters. It displays when turned OFF or ON while in any heater.

Auto Shutdown 

When it is overheated, it immediately turns the hater off. It prevents overheating or burning of the equipment. Also, if the heater unintentionally decreases, then it immediately turns off.


Guarantee The more time a commodity is safe during the duration of the warranty. It offers peace of mind along with that.

Conclusion :

This is the standard mobile oil heater used in most homes. It consists of columns of coils filled with oil through which convection heated oil flows. This causes heating on the spindles that radiate into the room so that places in your home cannot be heated by your built-in heating device, using ambient, damp heat.

Clare Louise