How to Avoid Losing Motivation During This Crisis and Why Drinking Clean Water Filtered by Big Berkey Helps 

 How to Avoid Losing Motivation During This Crisis and Why Drinking Clean Water Filtered by Big Berkey Helps 

During this turbulent time, it’s easy to lose motivation. You don’t know how to navigate it since it’s something new to you. Everyone else feels the same way. We were all thrown into this situation and no one prepared for it. Since you can no longer do the things you love, and you’re in isolation, you might quickly lose motivation. You spend your entire day sleeping in your room. Perhaps, it helps if you start by hydrating. Drink plenty of water so you can keep your bodily processes going. You will avoid dehydration too. It helps if you use the Big Berkey water filter at home. You will have access to clean drinking water whenever you want.

Apart from drinking water regularly, there are other things you need to do to stay motivated. Here are a few of them.

Keep doing what you love

Just because you’re home all the time doesn’t mean you can no longer do the things you love. You can still keep doing great things. If you’re into the arts, you can keep making quality art pieces at home. Perhaps, there are some outdoor activities that you can’t do right now, but you can replace them with other fun indoor physical activities. You even have more time now since you don’t go to the office for work.

Be optimistic

If you constantly hear negative news, it’s easy to lose motivation. You might even think that it’s impossible to survive this year. With all the deaths each day due to the virus’s spread and other unrelated issues, you just want to give up. Before you do so, you have to remember that these problems will come to an end. Continue being optimistic. It won’t help if you always think negatively. Before we faced this pandemic, we have gone through difficult challenges in the past. It isn’t the first pandemic in human history. We have also faced countless wars and economic crises. Despite these problems, we managed to escape and be better. You can also think about your struggles. You have already gone through the worst circumstances, but you’re still standing up. Now isn’t the time to give up.

Talk to people who inspire you

Hearing the voice of the people you love could make a huge difference. You will realize that this battle is worth fighting for because of them. They will also make you feel better when you’re already on the verge of giving up. You feel terrible right now because you have no one by your side. You might also be away from your family. However, as soon as you keep in touch with them, everything will change.

Follow a schedule

Having a schedule makes you motivated since it conditions your mind to accomplish something. You force yourself to get up and keep moving. You might have a limited schedule since you’re only at home, but you can still follow one. It also helps you become more productive. Accomplishing something on your to-do list will inspire you to work harder.

Don’t mix your personal life with work

You lose motivation because you’re not enjoying your job anymore. Working from home isn’t as satisfying as working in an office environment. You also don’t have colleagues to talk to. If you think about your personal problems, things get worse. The key is not to mix these two. Your professional life is different from your personal life. You won’t feel overwhelmed if you take one step at a time.

Eat healthily

Watch what you eat. It’s easy to be unhealthy when you’re at home, and no one can see you. Even your hygiene is already sacrificed because you don’t have the motivation to look good. You have to change this practice now. You might be alone all the time, but you should still stay healthy. Check the nutrients you get from what you eat. Don’t allow yourself to be lazy. If you have to learn how to cook to select the most nutritious ingredients, it’s even better.

Exercise at home

Exercising in a gym isn’t possible now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise anymore. You can still do it even at home. You can watch tutorial videos online. You can also ask for help from friends who have a regular workout routine at home. When you achieve your fitness goals, you will feel great. Even if you lost energy to do other things, your fitness goals would keep you going.

Plan what to do when things get better 

Take this opportunity to plan what you will do when things get back to normal. You can plan a trip abroad. Look at the destinations you can visit. You may even start booking tickets while they’re still cheap. There’s no certainty about tourism’s future given what’s happening now, but there’s no harm in planning. You can also set goals that you will achieve if you can continue doing things outside your house. When you have something to look forward to, you will feel more motivated.

Think about the people who rely on you

Some people believe in you and are even relying on you. Think about them. If you give up on your goals, it’s like you’re giving up on them. You have them by your side even if they’re far from you right now. If you remember the people you’re fighting this battle for, you will be motivated to move forward.

You can’t lose motivation just because things aren’t happening as planned. You’re not the only one going through this problem. Everyone has challenges, and some are even worse than what you’re going through. Remember that thousands of people have already died due to the virus. Their families are struggling to cope up with these deaths and might take years to heal. Be grateful for whatever you have and never give up. Good things are happening ahead, so stay positive.

Paul Watson