How to connect, install and configure Canon IJ printer (wifi / without cd)

 How to connect, install and configure Canon IJ printer (wifi / without cd)

Have you bought a Canon IJ Wi-Fi printer and your computer doesn’t have a CD / DVD player? Or do you simply have to reinstall your “old” printer and have lost the optical installation media? You don’t have to worry, because there is an alternative procedure to the standard one. So let’s see together how to connect, install and configure Canon IJ Wi-Fi printer without CD.

We assume that the procedure may differ in some steps, depending on the Canon IJ printer model in your possession, but that a large part of the operations to be performed are actually common to all wireless models. Obviously, the first step you will have to take before all the others will be to connect the printer to the power line and equip it with the appropriate Canon IJ cartridges or Canon IJ toner.

Method with WPS connection

WPS, acronym for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”, is a standard method of connecting wireless devices to the router or access point, which allows the connection phase to be simple and fast.

Therefore, in order to use this method, your router must be equipped with the appropriate WPS button, a button that most likely the device will have if it is of the latest generation. . If the protocol selected for the password were WEP, the connection of the printer to the router would not be possible.

Once you have verified that the printer is turned on, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the ON light begins to blink. Secondly, press the black button, which is usually indicated in the manual with the letter C, and then the WI-FI button.

If you have carried out the operations in the correct sequence, the ON light will begin to flash. From now on you have about two minutes to press the WPS button on your router that will connect to the printer, as evidenced by the “steady” power and Wi-Fi lights. The last operation you will have to perform is to try to “launch” a printout to verify that the connection was successful.

Method with software download for Windows users

In case you had problems with the WPS connection method, and as mentioned at the beginning you do not have a working CD player, or if you have lost the installation media, you have the possibility to remedy simply by downloading the software or visit the official website to fix the issue of IJ Start Canon Setup

Once you have identified the correct software version for your printer model from the Canon IJ page, and then download, all you have to do is start the installation as you would with any other software, with a double click , and follow the on-screen instructions that will clearly help you with the installation.

Method with software download for Mac users

Even if you have an Apple computer, you won’t have to worry if you can’t install the Canon IJ printer with the traditional CD. The procedure is completely similar to that adopted for Windows users, with the difference that once you have gone to the page dedicated to downloading the installation software, you will only have to choose the appropriate version for your Mac computer.

Also in this case, exactly as it happens for Windows operating systems, it will be sufficient to follow the simple instructions on the screen that the software will show you, and at the end, in the last step, enter the network settings, then the password to conclude the operation. Finally, to conclude the operations, try to make a print, and once you have ascertained that the configuration was successful, you are done.

Paul Watson