How To Deal With Mobile Archiving Requirements In The Pandemic

For the past couple of months, the whole world has been adjusting. For companies, the work from home setup has been a huge game-changer, both positive and negative. While it may have brought pros like the ability to control your own time for the day, it has presented different challenges. First is the use of new communication channels in order to keep in touch with clients and co-workers. The market has become more volatile, which is why this has been needed. There are also data security and privacy threats for companies.

For regulated entities to remain compliant,they can audit all communications after the crisis. All important business records should be captured and retained like text messages, call recordings, and other mobile communications. To be able to do this, it would help if companies could archive text messages and do Whatsapp call recording

Companies should also protect sensitive communications through encryption. A great way companies can do this is by using Whatsapp and other such apps that are secure but at the same time easy to use. Lastly,companies should prepare their employees to meet the regular requirements. They need to be equipped with the necessary tools to minimize risks of market manipulation and insider trading.

To know more about dealing with mobile archiving requirements during this pandemic, you can check out this infographic by Telemessage.Telemessage lets you capture and record all the necessary conversations and business records needed to be able to comply with regulators.

Ruth Hill