How to fundraise for schools

 How to fundraise for schools

Run a tile wall fundraiser at your school and involve your community in one of the best school fundraising ideas around! I hate school fundraisers, and never sold a freakin’ thing the whole time I was in school. Let’s get to the bottom line on schools fundraising for themselves first, before debating the type of fundraiser: What is the money used for and who is overseeing its use?

It doesn’t matter to me what we think about fundraisers; they’re simply a way to get more money to the school. First, in this day and age, few people are clamoring to pay MORE taxes, even in a state as “blue” as MD. Second, a lot of the things that the fundraisers pay for are the things that might not be absolutely necessary for basic education, but they do a lot to enhance education. To those saying that there should be no fundraisers; schools should just go back and get all the money they need from taxes: that’s a lovely thought but it ain’t gonna happen.

All fundraisers do is contribute toward inequality in public education because schools in wealthier areas are able to raise more funds than schools in areas with less fortunate people. But whenever there is a fundraiser for something necessary then we as parents should be embarrassed by our community’s/school’s priorities. I have three kids in grade school, and I have no use for fundraisers or the PTA.

The fundraiser that our elementary school PTA did which our family absolutely loved, and also has been the biggest moneymaker, is an annual talent show. I’m fine if they want to do fundraisers that are fun – like this weekend’s fall festival, with games and prizes and such, where the parents do all the work, and people can come and have fun. You can sort of get an idea of what the money for each particular fundraiser is going to be spent on, but in practice, there’s not a lot of difference to me between “all the fundraisers are run by the PTA and they dole out the money” and “each activity runs its own fundraiser with school approval/monitoring.”

My kids are 3 and 1, so I don’t have to deal with school fundraisers yet, but I’m sure it’s in my future. It’s hard to imagine that my parents let me go door-to-door alone or with a friend for our school fundraisers. If your kids play on soccer leagues or any other sports teams distribute your fundraising information to the other parents at the event.

So how about holding creative school fundraisers that teach kids something important? Check out these 10 creative school fundraisers that make great school fundraising alternatives. While it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of vigorous fundraising, it’s also clear that not every school can rely on parents to put in dozens of parent-school volunteer hours or have the money to pay for so many goods and events.

At Leonard Elementary School in Troy, parents have been inundated with all manner of fundraisers, from a fall wrapping paper sale to weekly bagel sales in classrooms. If you’re tired of buying (and shilling) overpriced stuff to support your kids’ schools, try these creative school fundraisers. Connect with the Community Events and Programs team to conclude your fundraiser.

The goal of Seattle Children’s is to be the best, and we couldn’t do it without our generous community of fundraisers. ​Hosting an independent fundraiser is one of the best ways to volunteer time and effort for Children Today. Organizing a fundraiser is a great way to involve friends and family in making a difference in the lives of kids.

Money Savings Card Fundraiser – Sell discount cards for $10 to offer discounts to supporters for online retailers such as Apple, Target, Wal-Mart, and more. 88. Create Children’s Art Keepsakes – If you have children or are connected with a group of children (at school, church, or work), consider doing a Kids Kreations fundraiser. 83. Create Homemade Items to Sell – If you are the crafty kind, come up with some ideas of items you can create (jewelry, bags, accessories, knitted/crocheted items, ornaments) to sell at events such as craft fairs or other fundraisers.

One of the best fundraising methods for 2020 is via brochure popcorn sales.  All you need to do is simply to distribute brochures to your customers/supporters.  They will then select what flavors, and how much popcorn they would like to order, and mail the brochure back to your fundraising partner company.  That company will then process the orders, mail out the popcorn, and give you your % of the revenue.  A great company to partner with is

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