Why Mumbai is a great tourist destination, and how to reach there by flight?

 Why Mumbai is a great tourist destination, and how to reach there by flight?

Routine is a brilliant thing. It helps us in getting things done. However, it is human to feel exasperation after going through a mundane life for too long. In other words, we need some adventure to rejuvenate our spirits. There’s just something naturally rewarding about letting go of our inhibitions, and wandering around the world. After all, there is so much to experience, and life is short in the grand scheme of things. Traveling helps us capitalize on the little time we have on the planet. It helps us get in touch with our inner selves, and leads to personal development. However, traveling is not a mindless activity that doesn’t require effort on your part. Clearing out your schedule is a big deal, to begin with. As adults, we lead extremely busy lives that make it difficult to make time for leisure and exploration. So, before you even think about your destination, you need to make room in your life to accommodate your travel plans. Once you do that, picking a viable destination is the next logical step. But, how can someone with limited knowledge of the cultures of the world decide a location? Well, you can reflect and think about someplace that you always wanted to go to. Nonetheless, we have a recommendation for you. If you’re looking to experience an exotic adventure, visit Mumbai for a vacation.

Here’s why you should visit Mumbai for a vacation:-

The Food:- Mumbai’s cuisine has undergone a revolution of sorts over the years. As of today, the city’s cuisine is a fine mixture of native spices and street-borne flavors. The most enticing part of Mumbai’s cuisine is cooked in the streets. The city that never sleeps is home to many vendors and stall-owners who cook scrumptious meals in a raw and hands-on fashion. The love and care that roadside food sellers infuse into their dishes are felt in each bite of Mumbai’s street food. Some of the delicacies that the streets of Mumbai are famous for are Kanda

Poha, Kebab, Bhel Puri, Vada Pav, Akuri on Toast, and the Bombay Sandwich. However, if you have a penchant for fine dining, there are still many avenues at your disposal. Mumbai is home to some of the most affluent personalities in the country. Thus, the city is filled with high-end restaurants that turn the simple act of dining into an exquisite experience for your taste buds.

The Historical and Cultural Roots:- Mumbai has always been analogous to the word home for many artistic figures in the country’s history. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Mumbai has several museums that warrant your presence. Moreover, the city’s architecture speaks of the fearless spirit of the people. The city’s architecture is a blend of many different styles that give rise to a new style of its own. The streets of this city, as well as some of the landmark locations, boast a fusion of Indo-Saracenic, Gothic, Victorian, and contemporary design. Apart from viewing the city’s build and overall aesthetic, tourists also have the option of visiting many historically and culturally significant landmarks and locations. For instance, Mumbai situates the Gateway of India which is a war memorial that pays homage to Indian soldiers who fought in the 1st World War and the Third Anglo-Afghan War.

The Nightlife:- If you’re someone who loves grooving to the beats played by a DJ in a modern setting with neon lighting, Mumbai has got you covered. The numerous pubs and bars in Mumbai host party lovers night after night. The atmosphere of these venues is filled with a sense of youth and exuberance. You can even sip your scotch whilst enjoying live-music playing in the background if you choose your venue correctly. The stand-up comedy scene in Mumbai is also pretty ripe. So, if mixing alcohol with laughing to some gags in your thing, you wouldn’t be disappointed. All in all, Mumbai has a lush nightlife that is very welcoming of tourists.

How to get to Mumbai?

If you’re someone living within India, you have a few transportation options at your disposal. However, this availability will vary depending upon where you hail from. You can either hit the road in your car or hire a taxi. Traveling via train is yet another option at your disposal. However, if you’re looking for a mode of conveyance that doesn’t require you to travel for long hours, traveling via air is the only way to go. Furthermore, the level of comfort that flights provide is unmatched by any mode of transportation. For tourists visiting the financial capital of India from outside the country, flights are the only option anyway. You can either pay for a direct flight or a connecting flight depending on where you board the flight.

How can you save money on flights?

The first step to saving money on flights to Mumbai is using online booking platforms for getting tickets. If you buy tickets from a traditional counter, you will not have access to the myriad of discounts that online portals provide. Once you register on an online ticket booking platform, you can compare the prices of various airlines, and book a flight that fits your budget the most. Furthermore, you can even book a two-way ticket and save yourself some extra money. The time at which you book your tickets will also play a great role. The cheapest airfares to Mumbai are achieved merely by booking tickets at the right time using the right online platform.

The take away

Booking cheap flights to Mumbai is easy if you have the necessary information handy. Thereafter, all you need to do is make adjustments per your needs and requirements. If you play your cards right, getting the cheapest airfares to Mumbai will be a walk in the park. Once you reach Mumbai, you can easily explore the city using the public transport or the mobile-based taxi apps. We recommend using the latter for a comfortable experience.

Clare Louise