How to Maintain Your Pogo Pin

 How to Maintain Your Pogo Pin

The numerous advantages that pogo pins offer are incredible. Pogo pins have a generally long life span compared to other connectors. Still, you can increase their service time by ensuring they are adequately maintained. Maintaining the pogo pin necessitates that you also preserve the connector’s sockets. You can manage these two elements in numerous ways, but some require professional consultation like lubrication. Here are some of the practices you can carry out without worry;

Regular Check-Ups

Through regular examinations, you can identify problems at an early stage. Check the sockets for a non-uniform location, the pins for any bending or breakage, or any discoloration in both. When you suspect any abnormalities, you can compare the devices with other new appliances if they are available. Ensure they have similar attributes. Any differences are a sign of problems. You can also open up accessories like sockets to see if they are working well. Apart from the movement, listen keenly for any noise or unnecessary friction of parts scratching each other as this will cause wear and tear, which reduces the flow of current. Analyze the connection and ensure that the socket sits well on the board, and the pogo pin is stable.


To avoid repeated cleaning, limit the amount of dust the devices get. You can clean around the room regularly to limit exposure. Check the system for any foreign particles. This will help you determine the source of the problem. When cleaning, there are several methods you could use. One of them is ultrasonic bath cleaning, which is very useful for cleaning sockets. The socket is placed in a glass container then a cleaning solution. A huge disadvantage with this method is that the whole device gets cleaned, including parts that did not require cleaning.

Laser cleaning is better as it can handle the cleaning of parts. Thus you do not have to risk destroying other parts of the socket. It is also handy for cleaning pins. You can hire cleaners to do the cleaning or buy a laser machine and do it in house. The soft, bristle brush method is the most available. All you need is a brush to remove the dust dislodged in the socket or connectors. It would be best if you angled it right to remove dirt in all places. Avoid chemical baths as the chemical can enter the pogo pin housing. Since they are not easily detected, they may cause malfunction.


Humidity helps any contaminants that come into contact with the system stick. This makes the cleaning process harder. Therefore, keep the humidity levels very low. You can use a humidifier or ensure sufficient air circulation in the room.

Simple maintenance measures like brushing off dust go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your devices. When carrying out professional cleaning, contact the manufactures to ensure safety. However, when connectors spoil, they are easily replaceable. Check out tts for a range of options.

Paul Watson