The Best Choices for the Rubbish Removal Processes

 The Best Choices for the Rubbish Removal Processes

The crisis we are currently experiencing shows quite spectacularly the importance of taking care of the planet and this largely involves recycling.Since the start of containment, which has resulted in the closure of many collection points, the experts collection activity has been impacted. 

While requests for materials from our collection points remain suspended for the time being, requests for the removal of cells and batteries are gradually resuming and in a context of reduced activity for certain players in our logistics chain. For your safety, we recommend that you keep your used batteries and batteries in a safe place (dry and out of the sun) until the end of confinement. You can then drop them off at one of our many collection points. With the rubbish removal Sydney service you can have the best supports there.

The experts advise you to take advantage of this period to sort through your drawers and abandoned everyday objects! To help you, consult the Calculapiles which will reveal the objects in which to search.

Should I continue with selective sorting?

Absolutely.They can be packaging, metal, plastic or glass, newspapers, papers, magazines. You can continue to sort. If you have to go to a container near you, do not forget to bring a certificate by checking the box “travel to make essential purchases”.

In order to limit the volume of your recyclable rubbish as much as possible and not overload the collection teams, think when possible to adapt your purchases and save space by compressing the bottles or cutting out the boxes.

Note: Check with your municipality, you may exceptionally be asked to put everything in your household rubbish bin. The best thing to do is to wait for the collection of packaging to resume!

What to do with my green rubbish?

Since the start of containment, many cities have limited the collection of green rubbish, with priority going to the collection of household rubbish. We invite you to inquire at your town hall.

To recycle your cut grass, two solutions are available to you: leave the lawn clippings on site to nourish the soil or compost your green rubbish in your garden (fruit and vegetable peelings, leftover dishes, eggshells, pomace of coffee) which will also reduce your food rubbish.

I take advantage of the confinement to sort. What to do with my bulky items?

This is the ideal time to do spring cleaning in your closets. Unfortunately, the abandonment of bulky items is on the rise, since some municipalities have limited or stopped the collection of this rubbish. This is why we invite you to inquire with your town hall to know the conditions of collection. Whenever possible, we recommend that you keep your bulky items until the pick-up date.


Paul Watson