How to style a romper for party?

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A romper is one-piece clothing or sometimes two-piece suits combining short pants and suits. Romper emerged in the fashion world in the 1900s and we’re popular among teens girls as it was easy to wear and comfortable playwear for them. There are different kinds of rompers in Singapore, from where you will get ample options to select.

Twining with a gorgeous  Footwear

A huge difference can be created in the ensemble’s overall feel with the shoes we pair with an outfit. As an example, you can have a casual look if you ordinarily slide into strappy sandals with your best-loved romper. On the contrary, if you go on with a pair of elegant wedges or heels, the romper becomes a more formal outfit choice on the spot.

Add a Few Pieces of Sparkling Jewelry

Nothing takes a simple outfit to the next level like a few carefully-placed pieces of bling. Put on some beautiful earrings or add a statement piece of the necklace to an otherwise boring one-piece. You can also wear colorful bangles for a little arm flair in case your romper is sleeveless. Do be careful not to overdo your style, though; too much bling can hamper the elegance of your outfit.

Add on a Sweater or Blazer

Romper generally gives you a casual look. You need to make sure to highlight your elegance while wearing it. The dresses are often sleeveless. You can resist this effect by putting on another layer of formal clothing. Blazers, cardigans, shawls, sweaters, and jackets all are highly appreciated for completely transforming a simple romper into something  sophisticated and classy looks.

You can also choose denim jackets while wearing light colors. Moreover, it makes sure that you stay much warmer if you are going for a  date at night or to the office in winter. You may also opt for cropped cardigans with rompers.

 Add some accessories

Thought ornaments and shoes are important for giving a look that you desire but they aren’t the only add-ons. For transforming an ordinary romper try out to pair with belts, hairpieces, and other accessories which can be more effective than you think. Think about the occasion you are going to attend and what kinds of accessories would suit its atmosphere. You can mix and match until your outfit becomes the perfect level of dressy.

Add a belt

A belt is a key accessory to pull off your romper particularly if you are still being unsure about the styling. By adding on a belt defining your waist is easier. It defines the curves in a highly flattering way. Despite the fact that the style is already fitted at the waist, a belt will help you in appearing slimmer and turn a column body outline into an hourglass. For those who are new to rompers, try a belt in a contrasting color to that of your dress.

Effecting so will add a new dimension to the dress and break up the straight line of rompers, which can otherwise seem overwhelming. Take a note that you should match the color of your belt with your shoes for a well-put-together outfit. If you are wearing a solid or pastel  color romper in Singapore,  you can opt for a shiny and glittery belt.


Though we get more conscious about what to wear we almost forgot to style our hair in a proper way.  In any case, you wear your hair up or down with your dress depending on a number of factors. There are some normal guidelines that can make it easier to follow. For a casual outfit, you can wear your hair down to look best as it goes with the relaxed feeling of the outfit. You can opt for loose beach waves or a super low and loose ponytail. In the case of formal outfits, which tend to finish higher, polished up-do looks best with it. This look helps to lengthen your neck to avoid an overwhelming amount of coverage in the same shoulder/chest region.

You can also use flower crowns which is acceptable at concerts. So if you’ve always decided to buy one or make one, try for it.

Wear Dark Tights Underneath

This is an especially agile trick during the cold winters. Dragging on smooth black tights is a superb way to keep your thigh warmer. It takes your romper to a whole new level of sophistication. You can also wear interesting tights of different colors or with a delicate pattern or even some subtle glitter.

Do not forget to add a hat and also nice boots

Get a stealing look for a day with a hat. Some of the best fashion bloggers are loving their headwear. If you are wearing a printed or striped romper or else having a flower pattern in it, undoubtedly go twining with a hat. It is a great way to out casting your inner boo vibes without taking away from the simplicity of your suit.

Make a way for Knee-High Boots. Normally rompers are traditionally short and often leave your legs uncovered and a little too exposed. To get better dressed, slip on a pair of boots. Boots that come to your knees or even your thighs are highly admired when it comes to pairing with rompers. You can wear the attire in any type of weather. It certainly gives you that rocker-chic look you have always desired.

The bottom line

These are the ways to enhance your beauty while wearing a romper. Go confidently with your outfit and understand properly how to style your romper so that it makes the outfit worthy to wear to the party. One needs to understand properly what kind of body they have and then style the romper accordingly.  You can also wear cropped cardigans with rompers.

You should also understand how the rompers will look good and then decide whether flats or boots will look good or not. If you have the perfect idea to style your romper then it can be assured that you will look different from others at the party. Be it a party or a casual meeting styling your romper will be much easier if you know what to do.

Clare Louise