How To Win Playing Games By Keeping Calm

 How To Win Playing Games By Keeping Calm

One of the things we see a lot on YouTube and circulated on our phone’s social media is people getting angry when they play computer games. Sometimes it is just a rant and other times it is full-on smashing their monitor or computer screen out of pure anger. Why does this happen, and how can you stop it from happening?

One of the main factors that cause tilt is stress. I mean we play computer games for fun and the reason we play a particular game is that we like it. Some people can play and just don’t care if they lose – it doesn’t bother them. Why does it bother one person and not another?

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  • Personality Traits


Some people just a personality that snaps very quickly. It is usually because the person is very competitive. This could be competitive in sports by nature or competitive socially. Those competitive socially don’t like people getting one up on them in games where they are playing against another person. This type of person always wants to be top dog, and this will also show within their group of friends. Often this person wants to be the leader and decision-maker amongst his/her group of friends.

If the personality trait is not social, then it is more than likely just a competitive nature someone has when playing sports and games. This may not be evident in their social life because the person does not try to lead their group or is not a natural-born leader. Instead, it is just the competitive nature that sneaks out of the person when it comes to activities of a competitive nature. 

In these two above cases, emotions tend to get better of these types of people and can occur very early on in a game. It depends on how long or short the person’s fuse is. 


  • Playing a game for too long or too often


As with any repetitive task, after a while, it becomes cumbersome and causes emotional stress and anxiety without us even knowing about it. However, online gaming is enjoyable. How can a fun activity end up stressing someone out? Yes, we can go back to personality again and how much restraint a person has, but in this section, we are looking more at how an enjoyable activity can cause stress when playing too long – I mean it seems very odd.

Although seemingly odd, when our brains focus on an activity for too long we lose concertation rather than gain concentration. This, in turn, can cause stress because we are captured in a virtual world where the outside world at that time has no meaning. In some ways that means playing computer games is a good thing when we want to take our mind off of something, but on the other hand, it can cause anger if you play too long.

The actual term for this is called going on tilt. It is something taken from poker and casino gaming where a player can lose money and get angry about it. The player may have been playing for too long and gets stressed about the loss instead of taking on the chin. As a result, the player goes on tilt making bad decisions that had he/she had a rest may not be making. 

In addition to this, if you play a computer game to often, then expecting to better may cause you to go on tilt. Our human minds can get worn out and if we are tired but insist on playing the same game we regularly play, then this also causes friction in our body and mind. The ensuing reactions once again are tilting, anger, and stress.  


  • Not having enough rest or taking a break


One of the main causes of tilting when playing online games is not taking a break. After reading sections 2 and 3, this is probably very obvious by now. I know that I have played a game from morning till night and by the evening I am not even playing strategically. It is almost as if I am just playing the game for the sake of playing, I find myself entering into the outside world by daydreaming or becoming easily distracted from the game.

These distractions and the daydreaming mean I make silly decisions. They also both mean I make mistakes that I know I should not be making. Even though I am generally a calm player when I play computer games, I can get quite angry with myself. In the past, I have been known to throw my mouse or keyboard across the room!

All that was needed was for me to take break in-between games. This is the same when you go to work. You need to have your time out from work, walk away, and then come back with a fresh mind to tackle the task. If we work on the same task for too long, we become complacent, which is when mistakes happen. Also, our productivity at the beginning of a task is always far better than after forty-five minutes to an hour of doing that task. 

How to tackle the inevitable tilt computer games bring

Taking breaks is, therefore, one of the most important things you can do when working or playing a video game. However, when it comes to personality traits, that is just something that you will need to spot and understand how to control yourself. Other ways to tackle tilt include playing a different game every once a while, exercising, or just doing something that means not playing the game for a day or two. 

If you have found yourself stressed, smashing your computer equipment, or raging because of a computer game, then try and figure out what it is that causes this reaction. Once you have figured it out, work on ways you know will help you control it. In the end, you will find that you not only feel better, but you will also become a much better player. 

Paul Watson