Playing AVI File Videos on Mac OS: A Guide

 Playing AVI File Videos on Mac OS: A Guide

Are you one of those people who like streaming video from the AVI collection on their Mac or move it to any handy Apple device? The developer of the AVI format was Microsoft. Also known as Audio Video interleave, this program was developed in 1990. This file program is widely used on PCs, but its drawback is that it cannot be used as an mp4 player Mac. Considering the QuickTime media player by Apple which sadly doesn’t function well with the different kinds of Avi files across Mac. If you want to play AVI files smoothly on your Mac, you should allow the OS of your Mac X so that it can identify AVI video clips.

For watching AVI on Mac, some methods are mentioned below as follows:

Method 1: Transform AVI to compatible formats of QuickTime 

If you convert into the Mac QuickTime file format, you can play all the AVI video files easily on almost all the Mac video formats. For playing AVI on Mac, you can make use of a tool known as Video Converter for Mac. This tool allows dragging and dropping as well as converting AVI files into any kind of QuickTime file format such as MP4, MOV very easily. Then, you can not just play AVI on Mac, but you can also move the files to iTunes and sync them with your Apple phone, IPad, or ATV from where you can have access to on the go playback.

Important Steps:

  • You need to include the name of source .avi files into the software with the help of the “Add File” button which can be seen near the upper-left edge of the screen. Keep in mind that, since MKV is not accepted by QuickTime player in Mac by default, you can avail the option of importing the MKB files here.
  • Try checking this out: How to play a 1080p MKV movie on Mac computer.
  • Then, choose the output format option from the Dropbox”Profile” which is highlighted as point number 2.
  • For starting the conversion, click on the “Convert” button present in the bottom-right edge of the system.

Supported devices and OS:

Devices: MacBook, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, PC with Mac OS, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac pro.

Operating System: 10.6 Snow Leopard Mac OS X and above.

Method 2 – Use a third-party application

If you don’t have an ideal software for playing AVI files on Mac, it can be saddening. As because almost all the Apple devices come with QuickTime as an inbuilt media player, you may face troubles while playing the AVI videos because there are a few codecs that are not supported by QuickTime. In that case, you have to surely get yourself the top-rated third party video player and choose the best media player for Mac OS amongst the ones available in the marketThe best choice can be Elmedia since it plays a broad range of both audios as well as video file formats.

Just give these alternatives a try and see how they work out in providing you the best option for playing AVI files on your Mac OS. Make sure to follow the steps as they mentioned here and go through this link to know more

Paul Watson