Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn

 Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn

Summertime can get so hot that it begins to take a toll on your lawn. It is during this time that your lawn care needs to be prioritized. Of course, it takes work to keep the lawn healthy throughout summer, but it isn’t impossible. A few essential pieces of information are what you need to take care of your lawn effectively. Below are a few lawn care tips for a healthy summer lawn; let’s take a look.

Always Mow at the Right Height

During summertime, it is important to mow your lawn at a taller height. When you leave the grass taller, it can help you shade the soil from the sun. This action also helps minimize evaporation and helps the soil grow deeper roots. Proper mowing in wintertime can also prevent weed seeds from germinating.

Adequate Watering

If you want your ln to be in top-notch condition throughout the summertime, then you need to water your lawn constantly. While carrying out lawn care, ensure you water the soil deeply and also infrequently. This action will keep the soil moisturized and avoid the leaves drying out due to the sun’s scorch.

Don’t Park On the Grass

Many people make this mistake, but you need to avoid it as much as possible; it is never a good idea. Parking on the soil can cause soil compaction, which might lead to many issues in the future. It is even more critical during summertime; you should altogether avoid parking on the lawn to avoid turf crowns being damaged.

Sharpen the Mower Blade

If you fail to sharpen the mower blade and leave it numb, it can lead to ragged brown edges on your grass. These edges usually create a chance for disease organisms to grow on your lawn. Therefore, sharpen your mower blade regularly. A sharp blade typically lasts about 10 hours of mowing. That’s why regular mowing is essential; you can also choose to purchase a second blade for options.

Allow Clippings Lie

When caring about lawn care, you might notice clippings. Let them lie around instead of packing them up. This process is referred to as grasscycling. This process will save you money and time as these clippings will fertilize your soil.

Fertilizing Warm-Season Grasses

When you have warm-season grasses, they tend to grow more quickly in the summer but require nutrients. That’s why you should fertilize them early into summer to give them a much-needed boost. You should avoid fertilizing cold-season grasses until it’s the season for it.

Paul Petersen