Lunar effects moon lamps

 Lunar effects moon lamps


Congratulations and welcome to the leading producer of the best and most outstanding moon lamps in Australia and the world at large. Moon lamps are great outdoor and indoor devices, especially when you are going camping. They act as a source of light as well as bringing the aesthetic look and feel of the natural moon. The best thing about our moon lamps is that they come in different real moon names that you can associate with. They also come in different sizes so that you can choose one that fits your needs and style. These are just some of the many reasons you should buy our moons so sit back as I take you I tell you why our lamps have earned great popularity across Australia. 


  • The Perfect gift


With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, fear has gripped the whole world since no one knows when the virus may go away. However, this does not mean that we stop being who we are; the loving and caring people we have always been. We may be apart but still together at heart. Sending our loved ones some gifts is one of the many ways we can show them we love and care for them. I do not see a better gift to buy our loved ones than these amazing moon lamps from lunar effects. They come in beautiful colors and that is not all; you get a chance to send a personalized romantic message on a note. You could also buy one for your parents, friends, and family to celebrate different occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Let the thought of you be the first thing that comes to your loved ones’ minds when they set their eyes on the moon lamps set on their bedside.  


  • Assured quality


Our moon lamps are made with a very durable PVC material so that you do not have to worry about breakages in case it fell. They are held in place by a strong wooden stand that prevents the moon lamp from toppling over in the first place. The wooden stand has the name of that particular type of moon engraved on the moon by the use of a laser beam. At the base of the lamp is an OFF/ON sensor. Remember to check out the moon type name on the wooden stand and our brand logo; Lunar Effects so that you can be guaranteed of our quality products. 


  • We have a variety


Our great team of highly qualified staff is always working to bring you more variety and improved products. At the moment, our moon lamps come in 5 different types that represent the Galilean moons; Io, Europa, Jupiter, Ganymede, and Callisto. Each of these types comes with three different colors and this ensures that we do not lock anyone out on their favorite colors. You can decide to go with warm white, warm yellow and cool white. They also come in four different sizes; 8cm, 12cm, 15cm, and 20 cm in diameter. 


  • Get more value for your money


With all this effort and success in producing quality products, you must now be thinking that they are only meant for the rich. But this is where you could be getting it wrong altogether. You do not have to drain your bank accounts to own these amazing products. All our moon lamps come at an affordable fair market price starting from 34.99. As if that is not all, you get a free card that carries some personalized message for your loved one. We also deliver our moon lamps across the corners of Australia for free, thanks to the outstanding services of the Australian post. Most importantly, we guarantee you a hassle-free money refund in case you do not like what we deliver or it is damaged. 


  • Longer light duration


Lunar effects moon lamps have a large enough battery capacity of up to 3700mAh that lasts up to 6 hours of light time. This allows you to carry the lamp outdoor without having to worry about the light going out so soon. The charging time is up to 3 hours and you do this by use of a USB cable. This means that you can even charge the lamp in your car on your way to your camp or vacation. You do not such versatility anywhere else. 

Now you have all the reasons to click that ‘Buy Now’ button right now. Order yours today while the offer and stocks last and let’s get your life and that of your loved ones lit up like never before. 

  • Conclusion

These moon lamps really offer something different in your home and are without doubt, beautiful. If you’re ready to purchase yours, simply head over to and brighten up your home with a touch of class. 


Danny White