Types Of Procedures Required To Repair Eardrum

 Types Of Procedures Required To Repair Eardrum

The problem of the hole in eardrum has become quite common these days. People from middle to old age suffer from this issue. The surgery called Tympanoplasty is used to fix the problem.

The eardrum is the thick, thin membrane between the outer and middle ear that vibrates when the sound wave hits it. There could be various reasons that cause the hole in the eardrum. Repeated ear infections, strong sneeze on a repeated basis, instant loud sound near the ear, or using earplug everyday for several hours may impact the ear and create the hole in the eardrum.

Sometimes, people are not sure about any such issue, and they ignore the symptoms like mild pain and mucus fluid flow from the ear. Continuous ignorance can damage the ear completely and cause a hearing disability. It is wise to see an ENT specialist in Kolkata or your city and perform the necessary tests.

Going further, we would see the procedures used for the treatment of hole in the eardrum.


The type of treatment for a hole in eardrum decides based on the damage it has. If there is a very small hole or tear in your eardrum, your doctor would try to patch the hole with the gel or a paper-like tissue.

The procedure lasts for 15 minutes and done within the doctor’s office only.


This procedure required when the hole in the eardrum is large and causes the chronic ear infection that cannot be cured through antibiotics. You will have to admit for the surgery in the hospital when your ENT specialist would put you on anaesthesia.

The surgeon uses your skin tissue to cover the hole through the leaser treatment. The surgeon either goes through the skin canal to treat the problem or perform a small incision behind the ear and access the eardrum that way. The procedure lasts for 2-3 hours.


There are three tiny bones present in the middle ear, known as Ossicles. If any damage happens due to the chronic ear infection or trauma, then the treatment Ossiculoplasty performs by the ENT specialist in Kolkata or any other city.


Ear is one of the vital senses of the human body. You can hear and respond. When any illnesses or health issues related to ear happens, people feel strange or completely uncomforted. Meeting an ENT specialist on time can help you to get suitable treatment and live a peaceful and healthy life.


Paul Petersen