Marketing With A Podcast: It Might Just Be The Best Way To Grow Your Brand

 Marketing With A Podcast: It Might Just Be The Best Way To Grow Your Brand

What’s your favorite podcast? Statistics show that over 30% of people in developed countries listen to podcasts at least once a month. Not to say that the medium isn’t growing popular elsewhere: the number of global monthly listeners are expected to surpass 1.8 billion — over 20% of the population — within three years. That’s just one good reason why you want to start marketing with a podcast.

Make Your Voice Heard

Have you ever felt ‘crowded out’ when using other marketing channels? You know, having to compete with so many other brands that you start feeling inconspicuous? That’s not the case with podcasting. Podcasts are more specific and focused compared to other mediums, so they’re less vulnerable to what’s known as ‘content saturation.’ This means your message has a very good chance of netting an audience, no matter how many other voices you’re competing with.

Establish Authority

If you’re lucky, you won’t even encounter any competition at all when starting up your podcast. There could be just a handful of brands similar to yours who’re already doing podcasts, and most of them will not be in your local realm or ‘territory.’ This makes it far easier to stand out as a figure of authority in your niche. It’ll only take a few episodes to establish yourself as the go-to person for the audience’s needs.

Build Loyalty

Podcasting allows you cultivate very a intimate relationship with the audience.
Listeners become more familiar with your business than they would’ve by reading the content off a web page. They also become attached to your voice and presentation style; two great opportunities to provide something the audience cannot get elsewhere.

Something to keep them looking forward to the next episode — and your brand in their minds in the meantime. The loyal following you build through podcasting will likely translate to other platforms. Listeners will interact with each other via social networks, and you can use your channels therein to continue the discussion between episodes.

Flexible and Convenient

Blog posts have to be read. Videos require the audience to sit down and watch. Podcasting is perhaps the only medium that’s as engaging as it is convenient for audiences.

Unlike written or visual content, a podcast lets your followers tune in and attend to other tasks at the same time. This allows you attract prospects who might not have the time to consume other forms of content. Plus, who wouldn’t mind some off-screen time every once in a while?

Low Barrier for Entry

Marketing with a podcast doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might have imagined. All it’ll take to start recording is a computer, along with a decent mic and set of headphones. Audio editing software is available for free.

While it’s recommended to record in a proper studio setup, any low-noise environment will do. You might need to invest in a few extra soundproofing measures, but that shouldn’t be too costly. And you can always upgrade later on as you grow.

Ruth Hill