men’s apparel Trends for 2020

 men’s apparel Trends for 2020

With a new decade come new men’s apparel fashion trends. These trends are either seen on the red carpet, come from street style, are adapted from women’s fashion trends, or arrive hot off the runway. Some are nostalgic comebacks that everyone thought may never come back in style and some are making a new splash.

Monochromatic Suits

This is not just an all-black suit but is made up of any other color. Wearing a suit that is one shade is a great way to spice up the classic silhouette. For those who are just worn out with the black suit and white dress shirt, this trend is a must.

Loosening Up

The form-hugging fits are on the way out. Now baggy denim and oversized tailoring are making their way into mainstream menswear. Instead of the spray-on legwear that once was on-trend, it’s being replaced by relaxed and wide-leg fits and there is boxy ’90s-inspired outerwear that is now popular again. The key to nailing this look is knowing how to create a clean silhouette from head to toe. In most styles, contrast is a good thing but not when it comes to the looser trend.

Suits without Shirts

This trend may not work for the office but is one of the easiest ones to follow. Ditch the shirt the next time you are donning a suit.


Vests can be worn with or without a suit. Keep the look simple by making the vest the main statement piece and foregoing other accessories.

Subtle Acid Washes

Fashion is cyclical and this is one of the trends that is popping up again. While most famously applied to jeans, it’s now being applied to more than just denim.

Tailoring and Knitwear

Layering and texture were both important parts of the trends last year and are also going to be popular this year. Stuffy shirts are being replaced with rollnecks and beanies are being paired with unstructured blazers. This simple style is becoming a staple of men’s apparel and it’s now a timeless look. The beauty of this is that it is straightforward to wear if you stick to the right pieces. The rollneck is a popular piece and it’s great to slip underneath a suit jacket to not limit movement. The darker the color, the better.

Outdoor Inspired Looks

This is a trend that makes your life easier since a hard-shell Gore-Tex jacket will better protect you in a downpour than just a wool pea coat. While you don’t want to deck yourself out in this trend from head to toe, you can use layering to create depth with a few key pieces. Think textured socks, a suitable outdoorsy jacket, and a beanie in order to tie the look together.

Paul Petersen