Most Common Sports Injuries and what to Know About Them

 Most Common Sports Injuries and what to Know About Them

Sport is a vital part of an active, healthy lifestyle – it helps the heart, the lungs, muscles, and the brain. In an ideal world, sports would only bring good things to people – but this isn’t the case. Having said that, injuries shouldn’t deter anyone from participating in sports, but by learning about some of the most common sports injuries, you can either prevent them or at least reduce your chances of getting hurt. Sports medicine clinic examine some of the most common athletic injuries.

Shin splints/Plantar fasciitis

These two injuries, which occur when feet and legs are moved excessively when inadequate support is provided, are considered repetitive injuries. During every step, plantar fasciitis causes sharp pain due to inflammation of the tendon in the arch of the foot. When a person runs, dodges, or makes sudden stops and starts, they stress their shins, causing a condition known as shin splints. A runner, jogger, soccer, or basketball player will often wear both. The best way to prevent this is by stretching and resting occasionally.

Ankle injury

Most of the knee’s stability is provided by the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). In cases where you accelerate or slow down too quickly, you can strain the ligament. In severe cases, the ligament can tear, and stability gets weakened.

A fracture

Sporting injuries often result in fractures of the bone (most commonly in the arms, legs, and feet), which are painful, painful to heal, and require weeks of immobilization before treatment. With most contact sports and strenuous activities, fractures are inevitable. Utilizing good technique, wearing appropriate padding, warming up, and keeping your muscles strong and flexible will help minimize your risk of injury. Don’t play through pain either, as sometimes pain is an indication that the bone has been strained or twisted, making it susceptible to fracture.

Having a concussion

Concussions are caused by an impact on the head that causes a temporary interruption to the brain’s functionality. The injury should be treated immediately. get to a sports medicine clinic on time.


Ligaments are what muscles are to ligaments. They connect bones. A wrong turn of these ligaments can cause them to tear or tear. Sprains of the ankle are probably the most common type of sprain among athletes, followed by those of the knee, wrist, and elbow. 

Sports medicine clinics can provide skilled treatment to help athletes recover from a wide range of sports injuries, including those involving the back and spine.

Clare Louise