Overbetting Solutions: What You need to Learn

 Overbetting Solutions: What You need to Learn

Overbetting as a bluff can be a very attractive resource for beginning players because they will win the pot a high percentage of the time, but you have to be very careful when using it since every time you lose the pot, the cost is really high.

However, this move is really powerful when the opponent would be able to accept a small bet as it would scare him and force him to fold. Below we offer you more information on how to place this overbet the right way.

Value Over-Bet

When you see big bandarq at the lower stakes they are almost always made to increase the winnings when you have a big hand.

Beginning players tend to bet big on online poker when they have a big hand, so it’s easy to read their hand. Don’t fall into this trap anymore. There are two options with which to get higher profits thanks to the over-bet.

Against a lazy or inexperienced player:

Weak or inexperienced players tend not to know the difference between half-pot (half the pot) and twice-pot (double the pot) bet. Get the most out of them when betting and reraise them when you have a great hand.

Overbet to show weakness:

In some cases an overbet can show that your strategy is weak and that you are only trying to get out of trouble with it by taking the pot.

  • One of the things that poker players often learn is to be more aggressive, which is why you will find many players who place a bet before the flop almost as a general rule. Once you have identified those players, what you need to do is exploit them with re-raises, even when your cards are not the best you can have.
  • You should know that it is important to take advantage of this movement because otherwise you would be losing possible gains. The biggest risk for beginning players is not knowing how to play after the flop in case the opponent calls the re-raise.
  • If they see this raise preflop, don’t let the hand take over by placing continuation bets and continuing to the end with more bets if it isn’t worth it. In the beginning it is advisable to only make the raise of three times the bet with very good hands or with hands that are not so good but have a good chance of improving on the flop.

Tip: Select well the hands with which to perform this movement, this will make the postflop game much easier.


Avoiding conflicting poker hands such as Aces with weak cards or two faces will make your decisions easier later since they will prevent you from improving your hand but that it can still be dominated by your rivals.


Paul Petersen