PMR and the Essential Supports You Need Now

 PMR and the Essential Supports You Need Now

The CMI also allows you to benefit from the provisions relating to the employment obligation of disabled workers, various tax advantages, for yourself (for example, benefit, under conditions, of an additional half-share for the calculation of the ‘income tax) or your relatives (for example, you are considered to be dependent on the taxpayer who welcomes you under his roof), various commercial advantages granted, under certain conditions, for example in transport (RATP, SNCF, Air France).

The mention invalidity can be accompanied by an under-mention: need for accompaniment if it is necessary that you are accompanied on your travels, or need for accompaniment blindness if your central vision is less than 1/20thof normal.

  • The “priority for disabled people” mention gives priority to access to seats in public transport, in waiting areas and rooms as well as in establishments and events welcoming the public. It also provides priority in queues. It is allocated to you if you have a disability of less than 80%, making standing upright painful.
  • The “parking for disabled people” notice gives the right to use, free of charge and without limitation of time, all parking spaces open to the public. It also concerns the third person accompanying you in the same vehicle. For Place PMR these are essential. It is allocated to you if you have a disability that significantly and lastingly reduces your ability and your autonomy to travel on foot, or requires that you be accompanied by a third person during your trips, or classified in group 1 or 2 of the AGGIR grid (beneficiaries or applicants of ABS).

The process: To apply for a CMI, you must contact the MDPH of your department by providing them with a form accompanied either by a medical certificate dating back less than 6 months, or by a document attesting that you receive a 3rd category invalidity pension if you request the IJC with mention of invalidity, a photocopy of an identity document. The IJC can be granted for a definitive period or ranging from 1 to 20 years. 

How to use it?

Like the European parking and handicap card, the CMI with the mention parking for disabled persons must be affixed prominently inside the vehicle and fixed against the windshield. It must be removed when you are no longer using your vehicle. If it has the priority or invalidity mention, 2 cards will be issued to you: one to affix on your car (CMI parking) and the other to keep (CMI invalidity or priority).

Parking and handicap: Beware of abuse

People who can only move in a wheelchair, or who absolutely need an enlarged space (crutches, walker, equipment, overweight) regularly deplore the fact that the enlarged parking spaces are occupied by people who do not have the need for a larger parking space to get out of their vehicle,a particularly valid argument when conventional places are available a few meters away and therefore do not require additional walking or orientation efforts.

Ruth Hill