Popular Fad Diets – When Done Right

 Popular Fad Diets – When Done Right

By Bodybuilder’s Cookbook

Fad diets do help to shed weight if done right. Mostly fad diets aid the dieter to loss at least of five to ten pounds of over weight but with this it is a fact that fad diets are a temporary solution for maintaining the body shape. Once the weight is lost it needs to be maintained by the dieter or else it is gained as soon as it is lost.

When practicing a fad diet the dieter needs to go through long-drawn-out periods of fasting. So as when this period of dieting is over and a considerable weight is lost, most of the people go to eating more again to satisfy their taste buds and insists on eating. This makes their desire for food much larger than they used to consume before they had started their fad diet. In result it is sadly said that they become fatter than they were before they started their fad dieting. In short if you try to control over your eating habits even when you have lost your weight you would get to maintain your lost weight.

Trendy Fad Diets to decide from

Atkins Diet: It is known as the most effective and the well known of its kind in the fad diets and is quite popular, as it offers meals rich in nutrition and does not allows the dieter to starve or go through the painful experience of fasting. Meals provided mostly comprise of the cheese, beef, chicken, bacon, turkey eggs, and snacks in addition to ham skin.

Seven Day Diet: In this particular type of diet there are different menus for the whole week. Each menu for a day in a week. On one day it might me vegetables only. Next day, it may be fruits only and then so on and so far. The dieter can eat as much and anything keeping him/her within the offered food group only.

Snickers Diet: In this diet you need to be consuming only snicker bars with cups of coffee or plain glasses of water. It is quite prominent that with this type of diet the weight loss is much higher and faster but health hazards are not to be ignored.

The mentioned above diets are some of the most well known fad diets but the list of such fad diets can be longer. But before you go to choose a diet program you must consult a certified dietician. We always recommend that you only go on a popular fad diet if your really need to lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight naturally and keep it off you should start a regular weight loss program.

Paul Petersen