Promoting Robotics Automation with Rotary Actuators: The Power of Innovation

 Promoting Robotics Automation with Rotary Actuators: The Power of Innovation

Robotic automation across the country is set to grow more and more over the next few years. The reason is that business owners want to experience and take full advantage of the benefits it can offer to their operations. Also, these automated robots can adopt any function to keep business operations in smooth conditions. One of the most commonly used mechanisms that you need to program with the robot industry is rotary actuators.

Actuators are devices that can be either mechanical or electro-mechanical controlled. Their primary function is to convert the power input into mechanical rotational or linear output using a control signal. Combining these devices with any robotic automation will boost any operations, particularly in the field of manufacturing.  To learn more about these systems, contact IntelLiDrives today

Today, we are going to discuss the full benefits of rotary actuators to automation and how companies will profit by using a factory automated system.

Benefits of Robotic Automation

  •    Can save more money

By implementing robotic automation, you can save lots of money in your business. For instance, there will be no more implementation of lunch breaks, sick leave, and holidays because robots can work 24/7.

For as long as these robots are correctly maintained, they can work non-stop. As a result, the cost of investment can be recovered in a short time because robotic automation is working with repetitive cycles.

  •    Improved Quality

Many believed that continuous repetitive action could decrease the performance and concentration levels of humans.

Robotic automation can remove the risk of these repetitive cycles. These robots can produce an accurate and standard output without fail. As a result, your business can generate more products with high standards. This action will create new business possibilities, like the expansion of the company.

  •    Eliminates the Work Hazard Permanently

If you are dealing with a dangerous work environment, robotic automation can offer concrete solutions for this problem. For instance, if a significant chemical is present in the workplace, robots can still work without harm.

Furthermore, automated robots can reduce material waste and significantly remove the need for humans to put their lives in critical situations.

What is a Rotary Actuator? How does it work?

A rotary actuator converts power input into rotary motions. This rotary motion plays a significant role in the action of automation. One common usage of rotary actuators can be used in various valves such as butterfly or ball valves.

Types of Rotary Actuators

  •    Manual Rotary Actuators

A manual rotary actuator is a mechanical device that provides rotary output through the use of manually rotated screws, gears, and levers.

Manual rotary actuators are primarily used for valves operation. Some of these valves include ball, check, butterfly, and globe valves. This kind of actuator serves as a backup plan if the automated procedure is not working correctly.

  •    Electric Rotary Actuators

Electric rotary actuators are driven by mechanisms that are powered by electricity. It directly converts electrical energy into rotational motion. It is widely used in the field of automation where proper rotational positions are required. Different types of motor drive these actuators. These motors can be either alternating current or direct current.

Application of Rotary Actuators to Automation

Rotary actuators can be used in a wide variety of applications. Here are some examples that you can implement this type of actuator in any automation business.

  •    Petrochemical Industry

You need fully automated valves to have a synchronized flow of petroleum and oil in every pipeline.

  •    Miniature Projects

Small components like miniature rotary actuators play a vital role in producing microchips, which need a maximum angular accuracy to make them fully complete.

  •    Medical Technology

The use of a rotary actuator solves the problem, particularly in the ultrasound application. The ultrasound actuator must be swiveled precisely to generate an accurate 3D image using proper angular positioning.


Robotic automation is indeed a significant investment to improve the operation of your business. So, if you want to increase your profit this year, start discussing the automation with your colleagues. Finally, generate more income using a fully automated system.

Danny White