Occasions to Throw on a Harbour Cruise

 Occasions to Throw on a Harbour Cruise

A Sydney Harbour Cruise is such a great venue for a range of different events! Whether you’re struggling to find a venue for a looming occasion that you just don’t know how to plan or you’ve always wanted to hop onboard a boat and you’re looking for an excuse – you’ve come to just the right place. Here are a few ideas for occasions to throw on a Sydney Harbour cruise!

Wedding Reception

If you’re looking for an extra special wedding reception venue, then you absolutely need to look at your options for a harbour cruise! This is such a unique location for the couple that’s looking to throw an individual and fun celebration that everyone is going to remember for a long time to come. Your wedding photos will have an amazing sunset, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as their backdrop – not bad, right!


You might even consider using your harbour cruise as transport between your wedding ceremony and your reception. This is a great time to fit in a few stunning photos and for your guests to enjoy canapés and drinks in the most stylish way possible! You’ll also dissolve the boredom that typically happens for attendees when photos are being taken – which is an extra plus.

Corporate Training Day

Corporate training days can get tedious, and having yours on a cruise ship is an amazing way of shaking things up without interrupting the core purpose of the day. Your employees will be so excited at the prospect of up-skilling out on the water! The right cruise provider will be able to offer music, electrical and anything else you might need to throw a successful day of corporate training.

Christmas Party

The company Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who’s made your business run smoothly over the course of the year, and a cruise is the perfect place to throw it! This really is a knockout venue and you’re sure to have a blast of a time with your staff.

Birthday Party

Have a big birthday coming up and not quite sure what to do for it? A birthday party floating out on the Sydney Harbour will blow it out of the water, guaranteed. Consider having a fun under the sea or sailor themed do for some seriously fun photos, there’s nothing like a theme to get a good laugh out of an event.


Throwing an original school formal can be really, really tricky, especially when you want to stand out from the previous year. If you’ve been tasked with planning your school formal, consider going on a harbour cruise, it’ll be so memorable plus there’s far less of a risk of anything going wrong which is an added benefit. You’ll get a DJ, food service and amazing photos all thrown in – less work for you, more time to study!

Hen’s or Buck’s Party

Make the bride or groom feel extra special with a fun day out on the water instead of the usual booze fest. This is a great way of realising with your buddies without doing anything too crazy.

New Year’s Eve

Looking for a fuss free yet fun night amongst all the New Year’s action? A harbour cruise is literally the best way to spend the biggest and busiest night of the year. You’ll have a front row seat to the world famous Sydney fireworks and you’ll skip out on all the traditional stresses that come with being in the CBD on New Year’s. This will be an investment, but it’s more than worth it, promise!

Australia Day

Australia Day cruises are awesome for watching the ferry race and the airshow, plus you’ll spy all the merriment occurring throughout the city whilst you cruise past all the amazing sights that Sydney has to offer.

Every single one of these occasions is perfect for an ultimate event cruises in Sydney! Get exploring your options to find a vessel for your upcoming special event now.


Paul Watson