Reasons Why Cheat Meals Are Not Ideal for You

 Reasons Why Cheat Meals Are Not Ideal for You

Cheat meals or cheat days are popularly used by people who are watching their weight. Although they happen, they are one of the dreaded situations because they alter the fitness diet program. If you have been doing these too often, you have a reason to get scared. So, what is a cheat meal in fitness?

This is a meal that allows you to go overboard in things that you are not supposed to eat. For instance, a person who is watching their weight through diet goes on an eating spree and ends up consuming sugary and starchy food like pastries, ice cream, soda, and other high caloric food.

But according to health and fitness experts, there are numerous reasons why this should not be the case. Below are the primary reasons to avoid cheat meals:

The Guilt

A cheat meal brings along a lot of guilt. This is increased when you are in a group and others keep on mentioning how much damage it might have caused you. Also, because you now believe that certain foods are the cause of your woes in the first place, you cannot help but live with the guilt for some days and even weeks afterwards.

Many people tend to punish themselves using dubious behaviors that might cost your health and fitness. It is crucial to take it easy and work on getting yourself out of the situation without a lot of fuss. Better still, avoid cheat meals if you are not ready to deal with the mess.

Distorting the Fitness Plan

After eating a cheat meal, the damage is already done and the effort needed to bring things back to normal is too much. Instead of getting along with your fitness cycle, you will now have to work out extra hard, reduce some nutrients in your dietary plan, and even take supplements that were not in your plan.

This is how much disorientation a single cheat day will cause to your fitness plan. However, there is hope since when you go right here, you will see supplements and steroids that will help you to catch up with your fitness schedule by doubling your workout efforts.

Giving Up is a Possible Result

How many times have you started a fitness program and quit for no valid reason? To many people, this is a situation that they have faced. Indulging in too many cheat meals in a month might lead to despair in fitness efforts. If you cannot catch up with your scheduled fitness plan, it is easy to silently tell yourself that there is always a next time to try in fitness.

But while many give up, they might not know the many efforts that go down the drain or the stairs that have gone down. This will need new energy when they are ready to start again and only a miracle will stop them from following the same footsteps. It is better to stay away from cheat meals.


As people fight the urge to indulge in a cheat day or meal, they should know the effects it will have on them. If possible, let it be easier to decline an offer from your friends than accept the treat.


Paul Watson