Top 4 benefits of hiring a mobile crane

 Top 4 benefits of hiring a mobile crane

Big job on? Crane hire is a great idea if you need to lift large, cumbersome loads. But with so many different types at your disposal, how do you know which crane to choose?

Although all cranes are designed to lift and transport goods reliably, they each bring their own set of advantages. Tower cranes surpass the load capacity of any other crane and mobile cranes are best suited to restricted or awkward locations, thanks to their compact size and excellent reach.

4 key benefits of mobile crane hire:

  1. Flexibility

If space is at a premium, a mobile crane is the perfect solution. Mobile cranes don’t demand space like tower cranes, they simply use a small part of the working space available to successfully lift and transport goods safely.

Easy to set up in confined areas, such as sites surrounded by high-rise apartments and office blocks, or sites with limited entrance space, mobile cranes enable you to transport goods with ease – even if there are obstacles in the way.

  1. Quick set-up

Setting up tower cranes is a lengthy process, with lots of equipment required. Not  the case for mobile crane hire. Mobile cranes only need a small amount of space to be stabilised and facilitate quicker set up times – allowing you to lift goods faster and complete your project in less time.

  1. Lift capacity

Although mobile cranes are significantly smaller in size when compared to other cranes, they are still tough enough to handle numerous lifting tasks. Using multiple axles and hydraulic power, they can safely lift heavy, awkward-sized objects between varying heights.

With mobile crane hire you can lift up to 10 tonnes of goods using a maximum working radius of 60m.

  1. Cost-efficiency

Mobile crane hire is a cost-effective solution for your next big project. By speeding up the lifting process it helps you to finish the task in hand quicker – and saves you the expense of buying a crane outright! By renting a new model every time, you can benefit from the most innovative lifting technology whilst still keeping your costs to a minimum.

Hiring a mobile crane

Looking to reap the benefits of reliable crane hire? BJW Cranes are experts in crane hire and have a huge fleet at their disposal. They regularly invest thousands of pounds into their equipment, so you should have no trouble finding the crane you need to complete your project successfully.

If you think you’d be better off hiring a tower crane but prefer the mobility a mobile crane has to offer, why not opt for mobile tower crane hire with BJW? Their mobile tower cranes provide 360° overview – making sure the load is visible and carried safely between heights.

For more information about mobile cranes, call 01724 289 501 or email [email protected]. They will do everything they can to help.


Paul Watson