Remove Stains And Odors From Your Vehicle

 Remove Stains And Odors From Your Vehicle

At some point, most of us will have an issue with stains, spills, and ultimately odors in our vehicles. There can be countless causes, but luckily, most have a simple solution. If you are having these issues, consider the following information designed to provide simple solutions ranging from using a little tree air freshener to everyday household products to provide a better smelling, cleaner car, truck, or SUV.

Interior Odors

Pesky interior odors can have many causes. Perhaps you bought a vehicle that belonged to a smoker and now you can’t seem to get rid of the odor. You may have even experienced a leak or left your window down when it rained and now your vehicle smells funky. It can be an inconvenience, but not without a solution. One of a car owner’s best friends is baking soda it is effective at removing musty odors and smoke odors from spaces including vehicles. Simply place a small dish or two under the seats to help absorb unwanted smells. Additionally, you will want to have your vehicle steam cleaned and spray odor neutralizer directly into the air intake system for the best results. If you have issues with leaking windows, or you left your windows down and it rained inside your automobile, the first thing you want to do is absorb the excess moisture and place a fan in front of the wet area to help it dry before it can become sour. If there is an odor you can steam clean the area using an upholstery cleaner and disinfectant. Be sure to seal up leaks to prevent a reoccurrence.

Prevent Odors. Before They Happen

The best way to avoid odors is to prevent them before they happen. Be sure to avoid leaving trash in your vehicle. Many people have small waste containers in the car to help them keep it tidy. Don’t leave food or drinks inside. They can spoil and spill, which creates foul odors that are hard to defeat. You can also use a little tree air freshener to keep the space smelling nice and fresh. Finally, always remember to check your shoes if you walk across areas where there might be mud, dirty gutters, or even feces. A vehicle can begin to smell because of debris tracked in on your shoes. Purchasing heavy duty floor mats is a big help with this issue.

Your car or truck can get smelly easily, however, a little bit of elbow grease and some easy preventative measures can help you keep the inside smelling clean and fresh year-round.

Paul Petersen