The Benefits of Active Listening in Online Modeling – What Should You Do?

 The Benefits of Active Listening in Online Modeling – What Should You Do?

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Far too often, people listen to reply and not to understand. This is a true communication problem in our society, where it seems like everybody is on their own and nobody cares too much about the others. Basically, you can only trust your parents, your one true best friend, or a psychologist, but the latter is paid to listen to you and talk to you. However, there is one more category that you can share your deepest and most intimate thoughts to, and this is a webcam model.

When they take on non-adult online modeling, cam girls are taught that they can only rely on conversation to make their members spend as much time as possible in the chat room with them. However, this requires a few skills that can either be innate or learned through training or experience. First of all, we are talking about basic conversational skills, which come from socializing, but also empathy and the ability to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.

Another very important aspect, which was mentioned in the beginning of this article, is active listening. This process is defined as “fully concentrating on what is being said rather than just passively hearing the message of the speaker”. In other words, it doesn’t just mean listening with your ears, but with your other senses as well. How can you do that if you work in online modeling? First of all, by looking your member in the eye, through the webcam.

Normally, you would consider distance an impediment in active listening, but when it comes to online modeling, it can actually work in your favor. In contrast to “normal” listening, when you listen actively, you tend to take longer breaks between replies, sometimes of up to 5 or even 10 seconds. This makes perfect sense since you want to think your answer through. They would seem much more awkward live than in an online meeting, where you can “blame” the connection itself.

A normal question you could ask yourself, if you pursue a career in online modeling is the following: why should you actively listen to your members and not just reply to them any way you want? The answer is very logical: because, just like with a psychologist, they pay to receive a certain service. In other words, chances are you would never talk with a certain member in any other circumstances.

First of all, this happens because he is from another country and most probably doesn’t share a common background, religion, cultural level or the same interests as you. Therefore, you only met because of online modeling. And if he reached out to this service, it means that he needs it to fulfill a certain void or need. Remember, it’s your job to help him and you are very well paid for it!

In conclusion, when a member talks to you, pay close attention to what he says and try to adjust your answers accordingly, in order to maintain the conversation going on for as long as possible. Good luck!

Paul Watson