Create An Eye-Catching Wall Through Star Wars Characters 

 Create An Eye-Catching Wall Through Star Wars Characters 

While you were watching Star Wars, a certain character has likely caught your attention. How will a Stormtrooper look once printed on canvas and hang on the wall? There are different star wars canvas Australia inspired by Star Wars characters from the original 1977 film to the latest The Rise of Skywalker. 

Most popular Star Wars characters that inspired canvas prints and posters

  • Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker is the Dark Lord of the Sith. He is a bad guy but people like him. Even if Darth Vader is evil, he is one of the most beloved characters of the film. His power makes him irresistible to audiences. 
  • Princess Leia is one of the most important characters of the sci-fi film. People like her because she is cool and defiant. She will forever be the gold standard among the film’s female characters. She has inspired many Star Wars posters, canvas prints and merchandise. 
  • Yoda is a small green humanoid alien and one of the most powerful members of the Jedi. People like Yoda because of his wisdom and humour and would not mind his image gracing their walls. However, some people dislike Yoda because of his arrogance. 
  • Many fans dress up as Stormtrooper who is one of the instantly recognizable characters in the film. They ensure order in the Empire but they cannot be called heroes. However, if you were to ask a person on what star wars canvas Australia he would choose for the wall, the choice will likely be Stormtrooper. 
  • His helmet is more popular than Luke Skywalker himself. Luke’s X-wing helmet includes a visor and speech projector. It embodies realism that Star Wars fans love. 

Choosing between multi-panel or single oversized canvas prints

For the extra large vacant wall, you can opt for a single panel canvas or multi-panel canvas in odd or even numbers. Multi-panel canvas prints are very popular with high demand because of the spectacular view provided from all corners of a room. To ensure that the Star Wars prints are eye-catching with the contemporary look, opt for the gallery wrap instead of the plain white border. 

Multi-panel gallery wrapped canvas will allow you to make a bold statement. Your chosen piece of art will be divided into multiple panels with hanging hardware attached on the back. You have the option of having your favourite Star Wars character printed in its original colour, black and white or sepia to make it easier to put together a cohesive display. 

A single oversized canvas print can be the dominant feature in your wall. Aside from a Star Wars character, you can also opt for the logo of the movie. If you have a collection of smaller prints, you can use them to decorate the hallway, the children’s bedroom or the game room. 

Ruth Hill