The Best Microphone for asmr and other things you need as a content creator

 The Best Microphone for asmr and other things you need as a content creator


ASMR refers to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which refers to any sensation the body experiences. This sensation can be either relaxation or tingling and is felt through the body. This makes ASMR rather important for auditory purposes, and thus using the best kind of equipment is equally essential. 

If you’re thinking of getting into the business of content creation and are confused about what all you may need to make the most of things, here’s a list of things to buy 

Essentials for content creation


  • Microphones


A microphone is what you’ll use to record your voice. Some of the Best Microphone for asmr come from reputed brands that are renowned and have a variety of products on offer when it comes to the audiophile side of things. The prices may vary depending on what you want and who you may buy it from. 

Microphones are an essential gadget for anyone who is into content creation of any kind. Whether it’s to record a song or a video, any content creator will find the need to invest in a proper microphone to make things easier for them and boost the overall quality of their content. 


  • Camera


If you want to record yourself while creating the content you have in mind, a decent video camera is the next thing you should have your eyes on. Many people believe that an expensive rig is of the utmost importance to achieve stardom.

This isn’t true. There are many content creators out there with super expensive equipment but no talent for what they make and creators with underperforming gadgets but amazing content. Any camera will do, with smartphone cameras being the obvious choice. 


  • Editing equipment


When the rehearsing and recording is done, it’s the job of putting things together that you need to focus on. A powerful machine that can handle the content you’re throwing at it is necessary for high-quality production. You can either choose Windows or Mac for your editing purposes depending on what you’re comfortable with.

Both machines have their advantages and limitations, so you need to understand your production needs to not falter while editing. It’s an important part of the content creation process and shouldn’t be taken lightly by any means. 

  • Social media presence

If you’re aspiring to be content creator, chances are your source of inspiration is a creator as well. And with the influence of social media platforms growing stronger every day, you’ll have realized the importance of being well connected on all platforms. 

The platforms help you spread the word of your latest upload as well as listen to and understand the review and criticism of your audience. 

It’s important to know what your audience wants to work on. This helps you work on your weak points and give more emphasis to what you’re good at. Polls on social media are also an effective tool to help you get an idea of what your next upload should be about. 

These are some tips to make it big as a content creator.

Ruth Hill