The Sudden Rise In The Popularity Of Barbershops – Explained

 The Sudden Rise In The Popularity Of Barbershops – Explained

Barbershops have been in demand for the past many years and hair cutting has been a viable career option since the time they have been set up. 

But with an increase in men’s grooming over the past few years, there has also been a rise in the popularity of barbershops. And according to Forbes, barbering is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the US and the rise in revenue has been around 5.1% in the past five years.

Whether it is a small barbershop in Park Slope or a premium one in Bronxville, all of them are going through a sharp rise in customers and revenue, and it is expected to grow more.  

Let us look at a few reasons for this sudden spike in the barbering industry

  • Increase In Men’s Grooming And Styling 

Over the past few years, men have started becoming more conscious about their looks. They are looking for more than just a simple haircut, rather they are trying to experiment and explore new dimensions with their looks. Men try to look for grooming services that provide added services along with haircuts.

  • It’s More Than Just A Haircut 

As men are gaining more and more knowledge about maintaining looks and personality, they are trying to look for products and services that can help them achieve their desired looks. For a lot of people, barbershops are also a place where they can socialize. You will find this in small barbershops in Park Slope or Harlem, where barbershops act as meeting places for men.

  • Helps In Networking And Relationship Building 

Unlike older times, where barbershops served only the purpose of haircutting, modern barbershops help in professional and personal relationship building. Barbershops act as a great place for networking and marketing because it helps the company understand what products men want and what intrigues them.

These services and products offer more than haircuts and shaves. Like, in a barbershop in Park Slope, you will find more confidence and be able to express yourself more freely. This is the confidence you get when you know that you’ve been groomed well and are looking your best.

Barbering might be a blue-collar job, but a skilled barber might earn more than an average white-collar job holder. Furthermore, barbershops provide an environment where both the barber and the customer feel comfortable. In many cases, you might see a barber at a barbershop in Park Slope being more satisfied and having a healthier work-life balance than a clerk at any renowned bank.   


Ruth Hill