5 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Barbershop

 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Barbershop

Are you currently unsatisfied with your look, or is it the price of the salons that are bothering you?

You probably had a haircut at the wrong place, or maybe the guy at the salon wasn’t able to give that finish.

Whether it is the Hair Salon in Park Slope or the one in Manhattan, they all commit one common mistake. Hair salons can provide you with a general hairstyle that looks good, but they might not be able to give you a look that will suit you.

Given below are 5 reasons why you should visit a barbershop in Park Slope or Harlem, rather than going to a hair salon in Park Slope or Harlem.

1.        Barbers Will Provide The Finish You Require

This is the first and the biggest reason why you should visit barbers rather than salons. Barbers are trained in the art of haircutting, whereas salons hire cosmetologists who have vague and rough knowledge about haircutting. Whether it is about giving you the best hairstyle or providing the required shape to your beard, barbers can do that effortlessly.

2.        Barbershops Will Provide Service Worth The Money

It is always tempting to go for a service at a lower cost. Let us take the same example, a hair salon in Park Slope charges $15 for a haircut, whereas a barbershop charges around $20 for a haircut. But there are high chances that the service of the salon won’t be even $10.

3.        You Might Learn A Few Extra Things

Visiting a barbershop might help you learn a few things about the maintenance of your hair and beard. Your barber might provide you with a few tips, or could just recommend some hair care products. In one way or the other, you might get to learn a few extra things.

4.        Give Yourself A Unique And New Hairstyle

Barbers have been trained in their barber school, so they know how to use their razors, trimmers, and clippers. They can use those skills to give you an entirely new and different look.

5.        You Can Get More Than A Haircut

If you visit a premium barbershop, you will get more than just a haircut. From the same example of a barbershop and hair salon in Park Slope, the barbershop will provide you with beard trimming, scalp massage, waxes, and facial treatments. On the other hand, a hair salon might just provide you with a massage.

These were just a few points on why you should visit a barbershop if you want a haircut. There is no personal hate against hair salons, but barbers are more skilled and experienced in cutting shorter hair of men as compared to hair salons. But in the end, it’s all on you to decide which one is better for you.

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Clare Louise