Things to Consider Before Getting Engaged

 Things to Consider Before Getting Engaged

Taking the leap from dating to getting engaged is incredibly exciting. It’s a big deal and something that should not be taken lightly. Getting married is a way for you to show to each other, and the rest of the world, that you are choosing to dedicate yourselves to each other for LIFE. With that being said, you really don’t want any unfortunate surprises after you’ve popped the question or said ‘yes’ to it!

No matter how much you love your partner, there are still some things you should discuss before putting a ring on it. We’ve listed some ideas below to get you started.

Live Together

It’s a good idea to live together before you get engaged. Of course, this isn’t an option for those whose beliefs won’t allow it. However, if you are able, living together will help you get to know each other on a much deeper level. When you live together there’s nowhere to hide, and you’ll have to learn to live with, and even embrace, each other’s flaws. You’ll be able to see how your schedules and routines differ, and you’ll also need to face each other in whatever mood you’re in. Scary? Yes – but worth it. If you can live together without turning on each other, you’re likely ready for engagement!

Discuss Future Plans

Getting married entails vowing to spend the rest of your lives together, so you need to know that your future plans align – and if they don’t, how you’ll make that work. For example, do you both want to have kids, and is it a deal breaker? You need to speak honestly and openly to ensure there won’t be any regret or resentment later on. In addition to kids, do your dream futures look the same? If one of you dreams of having a steady job, buying a house and having kids, but the other wants to travel the world living from pay check to pay check, you need to consider if a compromise is possible.

Look at Rings

It’s a good idea, no matter which of you is proposing, to look at rings together. With so many options available you’ll need to get a feel for what you like. If your SO proposes to you with a ring you positively dislike it’ll spoil this incredibly special moment. Depending on how much faith you have, you may not want to take that risk! In this case, it might be wise to browse a few shops, like this jeweller’s who do engagement rings in Hertfordshire, with an extensive collection of styles and designs to help you choose the perfect rings with which to start a new chapter of your lives together. You can even get a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind ring that’s impossible to say no to.

Travel Together

Holidays, aside from being a luxurious break away from home, are a light, bitesize insight into life with your partner. Travelling, while having similar aspects, offers a very different experience, with the stress of travel and the challenges of living intimately for a longer period of time. Real travel involves going out of your comfort zones. For the adventurous type, that could be backpacking around a continent or simply visiting a country where neither of you speaks the language. In short, travelling can put you in situations you don’t typically come across in normal life. This can give you a unique understanding of your partner and you’ll quickly find out how you both handle trials and tribulations.

What’s important differs from couple to couple, but these talking points are sure to get you started on having some open and honest discussions.

Are you thinking about getting married? Let us know down below what your non-negotiables are when considering getting down on one knee.

Paul Watson