Tips to install Curtains

 Tips to install Curtains

Curtains enhance our rooms’ beauty, whether it is a bedroom or living room or office area. Curtains give a boost to the decoration of your place. It can make your dull room and boring rooms look bright, colorful and save you from nosy neighbors. A beautifully installed curtain on your window completes the look of your room design and wall color. Now there are lots of types and styles of curtains are available in the market. You can design and change the look of the room according to the curtains you choose. Selection of a curtain only doesn’t guarantee the elegant and beautiful look of the room. Hanging or installing curtains is as vital as selecting a beautiful piece of these fabrics. A stunning curtain with a poor hanging style can ruin the style and design of the area. On the other hand, hanging it with excellence will enhance its beauty.Before choosing one, it will be important to research on the costs of such curtains or blinds, and you can do it now on Homees.

Tips for installation

Here are few tips to installing curtains correctly for your house – these tips might save from any disastrous design and save a lot of energy and time.

  • Gather the entire required material first: When you are going to install or hang curtains, collect everything beforehand, which might be needed, like; tape measure, leader, rods, and hardware, etc. which you might need for hanging curtains.
  • Right length for hanging curtains: Measure the curtains’ length according to how high you need to hang them. If the windows or rooms are small, it is better to hang them high from the window top. It will give the room a more prominent look then it is – moreover, some curtains look much better if they are hanging in length. The curtain’s pole or rode should be positioned maximum of 12 inches and min of 4 inches above the window. Try not to exceed or reduce from its minimum and maximum range to avoid design malfunction. Measure correctly to avoid extra holes in the wall.
  • Extend the rods in width too: Who says you can only hang curtainshigh to give a subtle look? Always try to extend the diameter of rod to 3 inches beyond each side of the frame. It may enhance the look of your window broader. It may also avoid creating any side shades from the window. Sunlight will be more prone to come into the room. Last but not least, it may also give a better visual look.
  • Illusion of height with shade: You can trick a few things to make your room look bigger through curtains. Try adding a bamboo or roman shade under the pole. Adding double treatment to windows curtain adds a boost in curtain designs, and an illusion of height is created.
  • Measurement, brackets, rods & curtains: Measurement of hanging curtains is a crucial part of the installation. When it is decided about height and length, then measures it accurately with measuring tape. Now it is time to install brackets – they must fix according to the height you have decided for the hanging length. In last, it is time to place rods on these brackets and hand the curtains on them.
  • Right length for right curtains: Finishing length of curtains should be selected wisely. It should be like “length should just touch the floor,” not too high or not too much on the floor that creates a fuss. A very long curtain from the finish line looks odd. Window Curtainslying on the floor in a home full of kids might cause accidents, plus it’s difficult to clean, and curtains might get dirty quickly. It is the same as if the curtain is too short from the end; then it will ruin the design of the room and just don’t fit.



These might be a few tips that will help you installing window curtains conveniently and avoid any fashion disaster. Follow this and always take care of a few more things while choosing a curtain. Like if it is possible, ask for some sample piece of drape for a better idea. Then go for some classic designs if you are not willing to change them for a long time. Choose the fabric that goes along the vibe of your room.

Clare Louise