Tips to Keep your Daycare Clean

 Tips to Keep your Daycare Clean


 All play and fun by children leaves your daycare dirty. Children will always spill water, food and touch toys with dirt. They can also put the toys in their mouth or hold the walls and floor with dirty hands. 

Without proper cleaning, your daycare will carry germs that can cause diseases. You also need to give parents and care takers a good impression about your daycare. No one likes to imagine that your daycare dirty environment will cause sore throat, flu, coughs or cold to their children.

Professional daycare cleaning services can help you clean your daycare in case you feel overwhelmed. Here are a few daycare cleaning tips to get you started.


  • Have a cleaning schedule


It is important to have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule.  Such schedules ensure that light cleaning to heavy cleaning is done.

Daily cleaning habits can include cleaning the washrooms every morning, mopping the floors and washing toys.

Weekly and monthly cleaning can include thorough cleaning like moving chairs, beds and disinfecting surfaces. Some of the surfaces to pay close attention in all the cleaning schedules include.

  • Changing room where there is a lot of movement.
  • Playground where children come into contact with dirt.
  • Dining area where there is a lot of spillage.
  • The washroom

If those areas can be clean and spotless, visitors will have a good impression.


  • Have enough personnel to clean all the time


Professional daycare cleaning service companies have enough personnel to clean all day. You can always hire them to ensure your daycare is spotlessly clean.

If there are food spillage, sweaty surfaces, watery floors and dirty clothes always ensure they are cleaned immediately. This ensures there is no dirt pilling around your daycare.


  • Have cleaning guidelines


Cleaning guidelines simply show your staff how to go about their cleaning duties. It is important to give direction on the time and cleaning task to be done.

If you need the staff members to disinfect surfaces to kill germs, always pin it somewhere for them to see. Sanitizing areas in your daycare should be clearly shown.

Your daycare is bound to be very clean, organized and always running due to guidelines. The staff will easily fall into the routine of ensuring that the place is spotless all the time.


  • Have enough trash cans and detergents


Having enough trash cans ensures that your daycare does not have a lot of litter. For organization purposes, always have the cans in each room. You can go a step further by labeling the kind of trash like solids, papers or general trash.

Detergents should be enough and well stored in closed containers. With enough detergents, the walls, floors and windows will be sparkles clean. 


  • Encourage regular hand washing 


Teach the kids and staff to always wash their hands after going to the toilet, playing, before they eat and when they touch surfaces. Washing hands all the time will reduce the spread of germs.

To make hand washing easy, always have watering points spread around the day care. You can also place soap or a detergent close by. Children should be shown how to wash their hands thoroughly for twenty second and rinse with water.

 Keeping your daycare clean should be an everyday task. Besides taking the tips explained above, you can always ensure you have wet wipes for use any time. You should also vacuum and change carpets regularly. 


Paul Petersen