Top 10 Abs Exercises – How To Perform _amp_ What Are The Benefits

 Top 10 Abs Exercises – How To Perform _amp_ What Are The Benefits

People are tired of doing the same crunches and still won’t get desirable results. So, don’t get bore. There is a lot of exercises to maximize the development of Abs. There is a plethora of core exercises which results may surprise you. It’s not enough to do only crunches or sit-ups to build Abs. You need to exert lots of effort to develop Abs. For a strong core, you need to exercise multiple muscles from top to bottom.

There is a list of the top ten best exercises:

  1. Jackknife: It’s an abdominal exercise related to crunches. It is also known as V-UP. This exercise is designed to strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles. The number of variations is intended for different ages of people, which is quite helpful. In start whole body is stretched out on the floor and arms fully extended above the head. Now arms and legs should be lifted at the same time so fingers can touch the toes. Muscles contracted directly back to your relaxed position.
  2. Abs Roller Crunch: Ab roller is the best exercise equipment for toning the abs. Like removing fats from the muscles. And very useful for the beginners because it prevents the injuries and muscles pulled up. The Best thing of abs roller is that you can have a great Abs, but with a little effort, the user needs to sit on the abs roller and hold them tightly. Then, by contracting the Abs, the person rocks the roller back and forth. Then, allowing muscles to contract, users come back to their relaxed position. Abs rollers help reduce body fat, which targets the core like the rectus, abdominal, and obliques.
  3. Twist and Crunch: doing the twist with simple crunch makes it better exercise for building Abs. Twist helps strengthen the core .it makes your muscle strength and toning of muscles. It reduces the belly fat, tighter the hips, and smaller the waist. This exercise is done on a mat; you have to lay down. And both hands-on behind the ears and legs perpendicular to the floor. then oblique muscles are contracted, so hips begin to twist. While this position, abs are employed, so the right elbow moves across the body towards the left side of the knee, then back to the starting position.
  4. Sit-ups: it is crucial to strengthen, tighten, and tone the abdominal muscles. We can get proper Abs. Similar to the crunch, except you use your strength to bring your body toward the knees. Truss your abs and then raise your body towards your knees; shoulder should be lifted to the floor. Then use muscles to pull the upper body towards the knees.
  5. Flutter kicks: first lie down on your back and your arms on your side and extend the legs. The next step is to lift your heels off the floor and begin kicking up and down. Kicking is the best move because every kick activates the Abs. It helps lower rectus abdominal muscles. It improves the posture of the body and maintains stability. And increase ease while doing swimming.
  6. Leg lifts: it’s quite a basic exercise, but people make mistakes while doing it, which can slow the growth of muscle. So we need to do is lay down on the floor and lift the legs at a 90-degree angle. Press the lower back into the floor. And keep the legs together and also engaged the thighs. Inhale when you are on the way to down and exhale when on the way to up.
  7. Hot potato: this exercise involves tapping your feet to stimulate your core. This is called hot potato because you are continuously tapping your lead leg in front of your bottom leg. And then you tap your lead leg behind the bottom leg. Try to use a mirror to monitor your exercise, and don’t forget your working leg should be externally rotated.
  8. Superman: this exercise strengthening your lower and upper back, also works your glutes and hamstrings. For this, a person needs a strong back muscle and has to maintain a perfect posture. For this, lie face down on a mat and fully extend the arms and legs in front of you. Simultaneously raise arms and legs while exhaling. Lower your arms and legs while inhaling. This move is an effective way to teach new lifters of what extensions of the body feel like developing proper firing machines of the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles.
  9. Plank; it works on the core, which means it works from your pelvic griddle to your shoulder griddle and legs. There are different types of planks like a high plank in which you arranged yourself as if you are doing pushups. Rise to this top of position .make sure your elbow is directly under your shoulders. Line your wrist up with an elbow, push your body upwards, and keep your chine tight.
  10. The cycle crunch is an effective exercise for activating the rectus abdominal muscles and activating the obliques. Lie flat on a floor and press your back to the ground and bent the knees. Contract your core muscles and stabilize your spine. Hold your head with hands, pull your shoulder blades back, and slowly raise your knees to about 90 angles. And go through pedal bicycle motion.

Benefits of these Abs exercise:

By doing these exercises, you can easily beat back pain. It is medically proven that back training is very effective.

Similarly, your body posture will improve by doing exercise. Core training makes you stand up and straight.

You will have a better balance, a strong core keep torso in a more stable position whenever you move, whether you are playing sports or doing chores.

And a strong core will help you transfer more power to your limbs; by this, you will able to punch harder, drive faster, etc.

And you will become more agile with Abs exercise. According to research, your body becomes more flexible when you are doing Abs exercise daily.

Danny White