Top 3 Apps For Parents To Ensure Internet Safety

 Top 3 Apps For Parents To Ensure Internet Safety

We all might have encounteredthose new parents/parents to bewho claim that they will never allow their kids to use smartphones or tablets at a young age and will completely ban the screen time if possible. Well, all I can say is Good Luck!. You all will agree with me on this mere reality that kids always want your phone and life is a bit less chaotic when they are busy in watching baby shark or any other dumb kid stuff.All you need to do is manage their screen time.You need to ensure that they are not allowed to use the phone pass bedtime or should not visit sites that contain adult content.A step further,Teenage is more sensitive and tender regarding this scenario.They want to conquer the world as well as want to spend the whole day on the tablet /laptop or smartphone.You can not be a strict old school parent and ban the usage but sure you can keep an eye on their activities.That by using amonitoring app.Here we are going to discuss about some apps and their features that can be very helpful in keeping an eye on the online life of your kids.


TheOneSpy  is the parental monitoring app that offers a different package for the customers. You can select the one that has got the maximum features that fulfill your needs and demands. Installation is very easy and simple. You just need to physically access the target device just for once for installation. After that no need to physically access the device as you will have complete remote access of the gadget. You can try the android spy app for cell phone tracking or Windows or Mac spy app version for respective users. The most important feature is track internet history feature that allows the user to watch all the websites visited by your kid with time information. Thus you will get notified if your kid is busy with the phone late at night. It also gives access to the bookmarked folder of the target person thus know what kind of websites get their attention the most. Another important feature that can be very helpful for the parents is the social media tracking spy apps offered by TheOneSpy. You can know to whom they are in contact with, through the social media accounts, who are they following, to whom are they chatting or audio or video calling through their accounts.

2) OgyMogy:

OgyMogy offers parental control at multi-platforms like android, Mac, Windows, etc.It offers app and screen time management for your kids.You can try the paid version of this app.The paid version offers more versatile features that you can use to monitor your kid’s screen activities.For example battery tracker feature that will notify you when their phone is about to go dead and you will have no way to contact them.The has a list of spy apps that built intending to target the social media platforms. Those spy apps include Facebook spy app, Whatsapp spy app, Skype spy app, Instagram spy app, Viber spy app, Spy on Snapchat, Line  app, Twitter spy app and many more. The social media spy apps give remote access to all the account activity of the target person.But users have mentioned a slight issue when using this app in the windows system especially on windows 10  as it takes longer than its usual time to log in to windows account.

3) KidLogger:

Kidlogger is a monitoring app that can be used by the parents to keep an eye on their kid’s online life. It supports the windows, mac android, blackberry systems. You can select whatever version is suitable for you to monitor your teen activities. It records the keystrokes applied on the device so that you will know all about what kind of sites your child is into these days. It also gives access to the screenshots folder as well so that parents know about their children interests and collections. But the free version can be used only on one device.

A monitoring app can make your life easy and stress-free so try the best spy app for android Windows and Mac that make the online world a safe zone for your children.


Clare Louise