Top 5 social media tools for marketing

 Top 5 social media tools for marketing

Like any other marketing strategy, social media marketing should be founded on a strong plan, carefully crafted, and managed. Having the right social media tools can make a huge difference in promoting your brand. On the other hand, the lack of proper marketing tools can also disappoint you. Social media marketing has proved to be effective, especially over the last decade. You need to have the right social media tools to attract new people, share meaningful content, and have a meaningful engagement to transform the success of your business. It is also essential to seek professional guidance from renowned companies like NetBase.

NetBase is one of the world’s leading social analytics company that helps firms grow their brand and reach a wider audience through social analytics. Using semantic technology, NetBase is able to gather insight from public and private information for advertisers, brand managers, and market researchers to analyze customer preferences. The company works with entrepreneurs, consumers, and giant brands across over 100 countries. By connecting businesses with consumers through social analytics, companies are able to get insight into public relations, marketing, and product management. The NetBase Quid is the future of customer and market intelligence. It gathers information on market trends, competition, and business trends.


The fast-paced 21st-century experiencing huge technological changes as new tech trends continue transforming our lives. New tech trends are emerging with each impacting the way we communicate. They affect how firms promote their products and brands and how consumers respond. These new platforms have come with several tools that have revolutionized the way marketers engage with audiences. Here are a few top social media tools essential for marketing;


Without having to hire a team of designers, Canva allows you to develop anything from infographics to logos. You are able to design the right business cards, posters, templates, and flyers. You could also use it to edit photos for blogs.


Initially a tweeter scheduling tool, Buffer supports all major platforms today. It is a great place to start for beginners since it has simple analytic features and a clean interface. It is currently one of the top scheduling tools.


This is a listening tool that assists you in monitoring mentions of your products, brand, and also your competitors in real-time. It helps you in being up to date with social media trends about your brand and also allows you to respond from inside your platform.


Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media accounts in a single dashboard. It is also a scheduling tool that enables you to see all your comments in one place, schedule updates, and plot a social media calendar.


Biteable assists you in creating exciting, engaging, and entertaining short videos on social media. Without investing in expensive resources, Biteable hosts a variety of video making tools and edits that makes everything easier for you.


Social media has become part and parcel of our daily lives. This said, almost 100% of marketers use social media in one way or another, and more than 70% outsell their competitors through these platforms. The world being reliant on technology more than ever, the use of social media tools fulfill the following functions in marketing;

 – It makes people aware of your brand

 – Attracts customers toward your brand

 – Use of social listening to bond with consumers

 – Tells about your journey

 – Gather insights on where to improve from your audience

 – Exceptional services for your audience

 – Builds trust between the brand and customers

 – Directs referral traffic to your blog or site

 – Assists in networking

Clare Louise