Types of Links and Their Uses

 Types of Links and Their Uses

Not all links are the same. Some are stronger while others are dangerous. It is important you know the difference.

Let’s take a look at the main types of links and what they are used for, shall we?

Natural Links

Natural or editorial links are those links that you gain because of your brand awareness. For example, a business that is quite well-known may get mentioned by another business, causing a natural link to emerge.

Essentially, these are links that you do not influence directly. They come about simply because your business was interesting enough to be noticed.

Manual Links

Manual links have a similar power level to natural links. The difference is you force them rather than gaining them naturally. You may choose to swap backlinks with another business or put up a guest blog post on their website. Any backlink that you influence is considered a manual link.

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Self-Created Links

Self-created links are those links that you build yourself. Things such as guest blogging or including a backlink on a directory site are examples of self-created links.

These types of links are one of the weakest kinds. They can be useful, but they won’t build as much traffic as natural or manual links. Make sure you don’t connect to any malicious sites either!

Paid Links

Paid links are those which you buy rather than build. These are by far the most dangerous kinds of links to use. When you buy these links, you have no way of knowing where they lead or whether they’re even healthy.

It is best to stick with natural or manual links. Self-created links aren’t bad either. Paid links should be avoided whenever possible. Good luck!

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Paul Watson