Web.com Reviews Examines Podcasts That You Need to Listen To

 Web.com Reviews Examines Podcasts That You Need to Listen To


If you are new to podcasts, millions of episodes from hundreds of thousands of different podcasts can be overwhelming, to say the least. Fear of missing out is very real and genres that range from popular to esoteric don’t make it easy. Web.com Reviews examines some of the best podcasts to listen to so that you don’t have to do the tough work:

The Podcasts

  1. Startup – Gimlet Media is an award-winning narrative podcast company that was recently acquired by Spotify. This makes Alex Blumberg, the co-founder and CEO of the podcast network excellently leverage the platform to give you first-hand experience of braving through the pitfalls and conquering success while running his media company.

The podcast is in its final season where it looks at the intersection of money and art and the value attributed to each. To find out how this value changes when the fate of your employees is resting on your shoulders, you should definitely give this one a listen.

  1. Broken: Jeffrey Epstein – People living under a rock may not have heard the name of Jeffrey Epstein. However, if you have come across a phone, computer or television screen the past year, then you have heard the name. He was a convicted sex offender found dead in his prison cell last year. Broken doesn’t directly reflect on Epstein’s crimes.

However, it takes a close look at Epstein and others like him who often get away with their crime due to influence, wealth, and other advantages. The podcast also looks at the victims of Epstein and the impact on their lives due to Epstein’s crimes.

  1. The Habitat – Big Brother is one of the most popular shows that’s not just a hot in the US but has been licensed to many countries where local versions of the show have captured the attention of millions. The Habitat explores the same concept of forcing different people to live together with pretend astronauts.

Six volunteers have to live on a remote island in Hawaii and pretend to be astronauts who survive on a pretend-Mars. The podcast records their best and worst moments through audio recordings and mixes it up with brilliant narration. It can get really dark where you basically listen to anticipate if anyone is going to be killed by their peers.

  1. The Wild – Like its name, this podcast lets you venture into the wild with host Chris Morgan while you are trapped in an office cubicle. The host is a British ecologist who recounts his fascinating and often deadly encounters with bears and other animals. The podcast also dives deep into animal psychology while you get to take virtual nature walks with Chris.


According to Web.com Reviews, podcasts are a great way to consume quality content while you are working, on the go or just don’t want to take up a book or look at a screen. You should definitely try out these podcasts since they are worth every second of your time.

Danny White