What does “success” mean at an online casino?

When you play often at online casinos, you come to learn that the definition of “success” is pretty relative. If you end up with more money in your account every time you play, then that’s not a success – it’s a miracle. More often than not, casino players need to settle for managing their losses on most visits, and hope to enjoy occasional spells where they win more often. Even before people look at casinoszonder.com to find a new casino, they’ve usually made peace with the fact that winning is an occasional joy. Getting one’s hopes up is not perceived to be a good idea.

That being the case, how would you define “success” at an online casino? If you only ever lose, you’re going to tire of giving the casino your money eventually but as we’ve noted, regular wins are considered to be unlikely. It’s not a bad idea to have a line in the sand regarding what you consider to be successful, and basing your decisions and plans on how you achieve that.

Consistent performance

There are people who make online casino gaming into something resembling a full time job. There aren’t many of these people, of course, because the standard outcome at an online casino is profit for the casino, not for you. However, if you know enough about the games, and are good at enough of them, you can have greater success than the average player. This will generally entail becoming good at poker – because there, the casino takes its share of the rake, and lets players win money off one another. So you don’t need to worry about house edge in poker.

Not giving your winnings straight back to the casino

In any online casino game, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. For many people, these two fates will happen one after the other, and there are few things in life more dispiriting than winning a good chunk of money at a casino only to hand it back over your next few bets. If you get ahead of the casino, bear in mind that for most people, that’s a very short-lived experience. By all means you can continue to bet, but it’s a good idea to bank at least some of your winnings so you’re not left cursing the minute you chose to keep betting.

High rolling

If you consider yourself a high roller, then you’re going to experience casino play as something of a fairground ride. There will be highs and lows, and because of the amounts that are being won and lost, those can be very high and very low. Success as a high roller entails winning big and keeping hold of that money. Either because you know the right time to walk away, or because you calculate your risks consistently enough, you can end up ahead of the casino more often than people realize – but you’ll generally need to start with plenty of money to stake, so it’s not a way to get rich quick.

Paul Petersen