What Questions Should You Ask a Check Cashing Store?

 What Questions Should You Ask a Check Cashing Store?

While going to your bank to cash a check is preferable; there are instances when a check cashing store is more convenient. Check cashing companies are generally open longer hours than banks, making them more convenient.

Furthermore, whereas a bank may need you to wait for funds, a check cashing store allows you to walk out with cash in hand. However, before you go, figure out what questions you’ll need to ask so you can decide if this is the correct option for you and make sure the process goes well.

Guidelines for Best Practices

Inquire about the company’s support for the check cashing industry’s rules, regulations, and best practices. Inquire if it is a member of the Financial Service Centers of America or another organization that governs the sector and ensures that check cashing shops follow ethical guidelines that protect their consumers.

Checks of Various Types

Customers can cash payroll, income tax, personal, insurance drafts, and cashier’s checks at check cashing locations, but they cannot cash a three-party check. It’s important to know ahead of time, so phone ahead and inquire about the sorts of checks accepted.

Limitation for the day

Check to see whether the check cashing location has a limit on the number of checks it will accept. The check cashing facility may refuse to cash your check if it is particularly small or large.


While you presumably have all of the necessary information to cash a check, it’s a good idea to double-check with the check cashing location. All check cashing establishments will want to see your photo ID and possibly another form of identification. Some companies may additionally demand you to fill out an application or have another condition that you will not be aware of unless you inquire.

Dollar Amount of Fees

This is a key question. Many check cashing establishments list their fees in percentages, such as a 2% check cashing fee, which might be difficult to comprehend when all you want is cash. Request that the check cashing person calculates the dollar amount of the fees so that you know exactly how much you will spend to use the service upfront. The cost can build up quickly if you’re cashing a large check. For example, 2% of a $3,000 check equals $60.


Check cashing establishments may charge you any fees. So that you can see the breakdown of fees, request an itemized receipt for the transaction. As you drive away, you won’t be staring at your cash and scratching your head in confusion.


You normally don’t have to wait for your check to clear before getting your money. Some check cashing establishments may have policies requiring you to wait for funds on checks that are difficult to verify.

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