Why Is It Important For Your Business To Print A Receipt?

 Why Is It Important For Your Business To Print A Receipt?

One of the main reasons for printing a receipt to keep an official document of the payment made. When you work with clients, you can print a receipt (พิมพ์ใบเสร็จ, which is the term in Thai) to keep a record of the transaction. Businesses should have a habit of keeping receipts for effective financial management.

Although keeping a receipt is important, however, keeping every single receipt is a waste of time. In this post, you will read about which receipts are important for your business and which are not.

Keep An Official Record Of Your Customers

When you print a receipt, you are keeping a communicative tool for connecting with your customers. Receipts keep a detailed record of your customers’ purchases, product choices, unit prices, taxes and so on. Receipts also contain the date of purchase, which is quite important to business organizations to keep a track of transactions. They also communicate about the policies of the company and follow up for discounts.

Receipts Help In Internal Audit And Accounting

Keeping a track of sales and revenues earned becomes easy when receipts are at bay. It helps the company in its internal accounting and all that. So, whenever there is a need for clarification over doubt, the bookkeeping department of the company can help in that. They will simply bring out the receipts and check them out for clarification.

Besides, when your company will do an Internal Revenue Service audit, the receipts will act as valuable documentation. Did you know companies use receipt (ใบเสร็จรับเงิน, term in Thai) to remember about its previous discounts and deals?

Receipts Are A Necessary Part Of Returns And Exchanges

Print a receipt with every order received because it will be the only thing, which can make the process of returns or exchange work. Suppose, a customer wants to return a wrong product, what document will he show to prove the product belongs to your company? Well, receipts can help because they contain detailed descriptions. It will be easier for you to accept the product back and prepare for an exchange.

Receipts also show the details of the payment method used or the amount paid. Just in case, someone wants to play fraud, having a receipt can save your company.

Receipts are very important in the commercial world. Without them, there will be hazards and a lot of miscommunications between customers and your brand over a product or service.

Paul Watson