An Overview On Different Types Of Tiles

 An Overview On Different Types Of Tiles

Over the decade, tiles have become widely popular as the next alternative to having wooden or marble flooring, and also have replaced wall painting with beautiful tiling options. So, today we will be discussing different types of tiles and what makes them a good match for your renovation and decoration purposes.

Types of tiles

1) Mosaics

These are the small tiles that can be interlocked into various shapes. The best part about using mosaics is their aesthetics where you can create something new and unique for every surface. You can find mosaics by the front door, stylish bathrooms, and even in the kitchen. The small size and grouting allow you to get a good finishing along the edges.

2) Mirror tiles

These are small pieces of silvered glass. Usually, clear glass is used but the variants are available in silver, bronze, and one with a smokey-grey finishing. If you plan on decorating an alcove, this is what you need. On uneven surfaces, they produce distorted reflections which are a tiling aesthetic in itself.

3) Metallic tiles

Usually colored in gold, silver, and copper, these tiles come with a matt or semi-gloss finish. These tiles can be individually printed and designed as per requirement. As they are made up of thin sheets of metal, they can be easily bent and reshaped too. Steam and strong abrasive cleaners can damage these tiles.

4) Brick and stone tiles

If you are looking for the classic vintage look in your modern home then this is the tile for you. Some of these tiles are actually paper-thin and are stuck on actual bricks with adhesives to give the finishing, and these come in various color combinations.

5) Cork tiles

These types of tiles are made by the slicing of the pressurized layers of bark of the cork trees which ultimately gives them a warm texture. However, they are difficult to clean and maintain. Also, they are stuck on the wall or floor with the help of special adhesives, easier to stick and very difficult to remove.

Different types of tiles work for different surfaces. You need tiles with friction for the floor, and tiles with a cool surface for the walls. Kitchen tiles need to be smooth as it makes it easier for cleaning. With this, you can shop for the best ones at Céramique au Sommet tiles in Laval as per your tiling requirement.

Paul Petersen