Why Sand is Necessary for Constructing Sturdy Building?

 Why Sand is Necessary for Constructing Sturdy Building?

Sand would be one of the most used components for any kind of construction. The versatility of it has made it one of the most sought-after material that is used for any kind of building. The versatility of the component could be placed within cement and concrete, in addition to filling for the different spaces or holes which would be there. But keep in mind that buying the right cement is vital. The crawl space area and the holes in the walls could be easily covered up with the help of fine sand (ทรายละเอียด, which is the term in Thai). Sand is available in different variations but the fine sand variation would be the best one. This would help in making the whole structure strong from the base.

Sand is one such material that you would find everywhere but people do not always realise the importance of it. It is also a part of a wide variety of everyday objects that you use including glass. Sand could also be used to fill the voids or layers below the surface floors. Sand is also used in the pavement that people use and the walls of offices and houses.

Characteristics and the Uses of Sand

One of the most characteristic features of sand that you would find would be that it could be easily compressed. And therefore it is an ideal option for any kind of construction or for reinforcing walls. It also helps in cementing certain types of floors and grounds that are present.

But it is important that you know when sand would be mixed in bigger amounts, sand could become heavy. And this might result in an unstable foundation and would not be so much resistant. The result would not be satisfactory enough.

In the construction industry, you would find that sand is being mixed with cement, lime or water. This helps in establishing a stable foundation and fills the voids too. When the mix of sand and water, cement is done, it is known by the name mortar. The quality of the cement would always depend on the type of sand that would be used for building.

Fine sand helps in increasing the resistance and the flexibility of the material. When the concrete would be let to dry, the presence of sand would not let it crack. It helps join the various construction materials and therefore makes the basic foundation a sturdier one.

Robert Desauza