Your Guide to Consumables Add-On Cover in Car Insurance

 Your Guide to Consumables Add-On Cover in Car Insurance

We all know how difficult it gets to maintain your beloved car. Those timely washes, cleaning the interiors, making sure it is free from minor scuffs and dents, and more. But what about major damages? How can you protect your car against them?

While there is no real way apart from safe driving to avoid any accidents or damages, buying car insurance definitely helps. You can either buy car insurance online or offline, depending on your preference.The online mode has a few advantages like easy comparison among different plans, an overview of many plans at once, hassle-free purchase and so on.When you select a comprehensive car insurance policy, you must be aware there are specific exclusions to it, one of which is no coverage for consumables required. 

So is there a way you can include the coverage for the consumables used? Yes, using a consumables add-on cover! 

What are consumables used in cars?

Consumables are spares that have specific and limited use. These products cannot be used for an extended period and need replacements. A few examples of consumables are the fluids and oils used in your car, nuts and bolts required, bearings and washers and many more. Simply put, these items require regular replacement to maintain the performance of your vehicle. 

What is a consumable add-on cover?

Your comprehensive car insurance does not include the cost of these consumable spares. Thus while making a claim, you may require to pay for these items from your own pocket. To avoid this, you can purchase a consumable add-on cover. This add-on pays for the cost of consumables that are required to be refilled or replaced at the time of claim. 

Do you need to pay for consumable cover?

Yes. Since a consumable cover is available as an add-on, you need to pay if you want to avail consumable cover in your car insurance policy. The cost of this add-on differs from each insurer and also for each model of the car. 

What does consumables add-on include?

A consumable add-on covers the following items at the time of a claim application – 

  • Oil and oil filters of different kinds including engine oil, gear oil and brake oil.
  • Cost of nuts and bolts required in repairs. 
  • Lubricants that are required for the smooth functioning of the engine.
  • Coolants and other fluids that may be required in your car.
  • Washers and other similar items except fuel. 

What are the exclusions of a consumables add-on?

Consumables add-on is an extension of your comprehensive car insurance policy. Thus, the same exclusions are applicable for consumables add-on too. 

No claim shall be admitted if –

  • You are driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  • The driver does not have a valid driving license.
  • The damage is due to electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Who should opt for a consumables cover?

If you are someone who does not want to pay even for minor spares like oils, fluids, screws, and more, you should opt for a consumables cover at purchase or your next car insurance renewal. Using a consumables add-on will help you stay worry-free for any minor costs that might be required in the repairs of your car.

Although insurance is mandatory, make sure you enhance its coverage to include consumables using a consumable cover. It will not only increase the policy coverage, but also save you money at the time of claims.A car insurance premium calculator will help you in selecting a suitable consumable cover by comparing the various plans and its impact on your premium. 


Ruth Hill