Do you also like to protect your privacy when you are surfing through the internet and when you are using a public Wi-Fi network? Then you must have a VPN app in your device. Among lot of VPN apps there in the app market you can try ACE VPN with many more privileges.

What is ACE VPN?

What is done by ACE VPN? Normally most of us are facing a problem with securing our private data when we are surfing through the internet for various purposes. If you do not own a VPN when you are making connections with some service providers you may not secured hundred percent, because a third party will be able to access your private data. Your IP address, your identity and so forth private information will be protected by this app.

The ACE VPN for Android TVwill allow you to search though the web with different virtual IP address by hiding your real IP address. It indeed helps you to surf anonymously. You may be able to experience another wonderful feature. What is that? Sometimes you may not be able to have access to each and every content in the web. Some channels and websites limit their access to some users. But now no need to worry about that. Because if you have ACE VPN with you then it will enable you to access such type of restricted information from various channels and websites easily and quickly.

Sometimes when you are entering to another country when you are travelling your social media apps may sometimes not functioning by making you worry. But if you have ACE VPN then you are lucky. You can have access to your social media apps regardless of where you are at.

If you have ACE VPN you can be sure that your private data is protected. Sometimes the service providers will save your search histories and sometimes third parties will access some data of yours. With the presence of ACEVPN you can be sure that your data is protected from such parties.

Features of ACE VPN for Android TV

  • ACE VPN supports almost all the platforms available including Android, iOS, Windows, Apple, Linux and Max.
  • ACE VPN is performing faster. It offers you the best server speed.
  • ACE VPN is available there in about 25+ countries and 50+ servers.
  • ACE VPN offers you three major plans.
    • Smart DNS– free
    • Premium VPN– about $3.89 per month
    • Ultimate VPN– about $11.67 per month
  • ACE VPN is more secure. It is proven that the data leaking of data happens with this ACE VPN.
  • ACE VPN doesn’t require login, passwords and signing ups.
  • ACE VPN offer you unlimited bandwidth.

If you want to have a best and a secure experience of surfing the web then the best platform for you is ACE VPN. You can download this VPN service directly from third party app stores like Filelinked. Filelinked provide many Android TV apps and games for free that are unable to download via play store. If your Android TV run slow due to running VPN app and other services, you can use RAM cleaning tools like Clean Master to free RAM space and get more speed.

Clare Louise