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Scarlett Johansson hacker sentenced to 10 years

Scarlett Johansson hacker sentenced to 10 years: No wonder those responsible for The Age hacking scandal are a bit nervous as the federal DPP contemplates charges under the Commonwealth Cybercrime Act.…

SLITHERER SQUISHED: Federal Court annihilates James Ashby and his lawyer of sleaze

James Ashby is a lying liar who lies. That is all.

PLAYING POLITICS: Victoria’s Ombudsman seeking revenge on Baillieu

OmbudsmanVictoria’s Ombudsman has been made accountable for the first time to an inspectorate and parliamentary committee that will oversee its increasingly notorious activities.

In response, George Brouwer, soon to retire as Ombudsman, has been writing public letters attacking the government …

NO-NAME: Stat dec accusing PM of getting $5K cash was illegally sworn by anono-lawyer

In all the excitement for hunting down the imagined criminal past of the Prime Minister, it appears laws may have been broken. Tsk. Tsk.

Mass murderer Anders Breivik whines about prison because his hand gets cramps

Norway is very kind to its prisoners but evil mass murderer Anders Breivik – who killed 77 mainly young people after attacking a young Labour party camp – isn’t happy because the bendy stab-resistant pen they’ve given him gives his

RALPH BLOWS IT: PM’s accuser admits using Balinese sex workers

Remember when VEXNEWS revealed the PM's embezzlement conspiracy theory accuser Ralph Blewitt was a sleazy sex-predator preying on young Asian women? Now, in attempt to clear his name, he's gone and admitted some dirty deeds indeed.

ICAC: The nothing-to-show-for-it show-trial of Eric Roozendaal

The NSW ICAC's decision to hold a multi-million dollar hearing into matters such as whether one NSW Labor MP gave another a gift of a few thousand dollars to a colleague and long-standing friend will cause many to question - as has Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu - the efficacy and integrity of public hearings by anti-corruption bodies.

FERAL GOES LEGAL: CFMEU boss revs up Rolls Royce lawyer to sue Tony Abbott

CFMEU union boss John Setka is officially paid about $100K per annum. And yet he's able to indulge in the rich man's pastime of hiring the best QC money can buy to sue a politician for slagging him off. Either Setka's a financial genius or there are questions that union members will want answered about his source of funds.

Woman butchered after her plea for help to Triple-0 fell on deaf, arrogant ears #springst

A young Melbourne woman was shot three times in the face, stabbed in the heart and had her throat slashed despite twice calling Triple-0 emergency, pleading for help. The call-taker, who is still working at the state’s Emergency Services Telecommunications

CAN THEY HACK IT? Victoria Police refer Age hacking evidence to federal prosecutors

While the wheels of justice in white-collar crime turn slowly, it really does seem The Age Three (Royce Millar, Nick McKenzie and Ben Schneiders) are in all sorts of hot water after Victoria Police referred evidence of their allegedly cyber-criminal activities to federal prosecutors. Many believe The Age's hacking scandal could be just as ugly for the newspaper as the UK tabloid hacking scandals that have seen some of Britain's media elite on trial for serious crimes.


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