3 Key Men’s Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022

 3 Key Men’s Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022

Whilst we may still be basking in the summer sun and warmer weather that has characterized July and August so far, the fashion world has been looking ahead. Already, some of the world’s top designers have shown their autumn and winter collections to an expectant public. Whilst high-end fashion may not always be suitable for day-to-day wear for most people, some of the key design trends often filter down into more mainstream collections. Key themes and styles, along with certain pieces of “must have” clothing, inevitably make it onto the highstreets of the western world, where design-savvy consumers wear them. Already, there are some prominent themes for men’s fashion as we head into the autumn and winter seasons. This article describes three of these key trends in detail.

Checked Shirts

Every man needs a range of high-quality shirts that can be used for a range of situations. For autumn and winter, checked shirts are a “must have.” Checked shirts are firmly back in fashion with an emphasis on quality tailoring and multi-purpose functionality. Well-respected clothing outlets, such as burrowsandhare.co.uk, have already begun stocking a diverse range of high-quality checked shirts that are designed to be suitable for both smart office wear and social occasions. This is one item of clothing that crosses the boundary between formality and relaxed good looks. As the weather begins to cool, they can coordinate perfectly with a high-quality V-necked jumper that exudes a look of both style and comfort. In short, as we move out of the summer months, every self-respecting man should have a well-made checked shirt in his wardrobe that can be used for both the working world and social events.

Winter Knitwear

As the autumn months head into winter and the temperature begins to drop, a key fashion trend for this period is stylish knitwear for men. This can take a variety of forms, including crew necked jumpers, where bold colors are a key feature. In addition, a range of knitted men’s suits is likely to prove popular with fashion-conscious males, who want to look business-like, without resorting to more standard office attire. This is another fashion theme for autumn/winter 2022, where both style and comfort are perfectly encapsulated in one item of clothing. Having some key pieces of knitwear clothing will ensure that you are bang on trend as we head into the colder months. A key feature is having a relaxed fit, regardless of the item of clothing you buy. Put simply, tight-fitting tops are last season.


As a final key point, leather and faux leather clothing are set to make a big comeback for autumn and winter 2022. Black or brown leather jackets will be an essential item of clothing for most men. In addition, more adventurous males will be sporting leather trousers which have always symbolized a rock and roll attitude and have been considered “off limits” for several years. Whether you opt for real leather or faux leather, it will be important to have at least one garment from this material if you wish to stay abreast of the upcoming fashion trends.

Paul Watson