Click To Know Albania Where To Stay?

 Click To Know Albania Where To Stay?

Albania is one of those parts of Europe which has not been discovered by tourists yet. However, the travel blog that is written by travelers has made tourists change their perspectives about Albania and they are slowly coming to visit this beautiful city. Here’s a list of places in Albania where to stay.

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Of you are completely new to Albania; you can just visit the website of Albania tourists and Go through the plenty of apartments or hotels that Albania has to offer. However, three places that one should definitely visit when they are in Albania and spend a day or two by staying over there are Tirana, Berat, and Albania Rivera.


Tirana is one of the best places where one can stay In Albania. It is the capital center of Albania which is rich in culture and heritage.  One will be able to enjoy the rich cultures and amazing entertainment. If you are worried about Albania where to stay, worry no more for Tirana is one of those places where one must stay if they want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Apart from the scenic beauty, they are also known for the amazing cafe culture. So, next time you visit Tirana do plan to stay there.


If you’re in Albania and browsing about the places in Albania where to stay, do look up for Berat.  It is mainly known for its wonders. Being one of the very old places, it holds a rich European culture. It is also the city with the most population. Mount Tomorri is the mountain that acts as an umbrella for the city.  The amazing mountain also has a castle that gives the exact feel of Rapunzel. Along with the castle which is the attraction of tourists, it also has a lot of museums.  Enjoy your stay in one of the many hotels that are pocket friendly and provides an amazing view.

Albania Rivera

Stay just beside the Albanian Riviera, one will be able to enjoy the cool breeze arising from. The river is along with the sweet smell of the flowers blooming there. All your search for Albania where to stay, and here. Do you like the amazing white sand beaches? If you do then this is one of the places where you should definitely stay. If you have not heard about the white Sandy beach and are not introduced to it, then do visit the place and see the beauty of the beach.

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