Forget Your Career Worries With HCL Techbee!

 Forget Your Career Worries With HCL Techbee!

It is critical for young adolescents to choose what to study after class 12th and make a career-defining decision. Unfortunately, most of the students begin career planning at the last minute and land on choosing popular streams, but not suited to their aptitudes. Thus, it is vital to begin early and know what options lie ahead after school to make a calculated and intelligent decision. Students generally miss out on potential career options due to a lack of timely information.

In a country like India, there is a diversity of exciting and lucrative career options apart from the usual ones like engineers, doctors, or civil servants.

Many students have a nose for technical fields like Information technology! IT sector has immense job opportunities for gen-next kids in India. Even after being a little volatile, the industry employs thousands of Graduates every year.

IT hubs like Bengaluru, Pune, Gurugram, Kochi, Chennai, and Hyderabad have become home to many graduates from all corners of India!

IT courses, here in India, are available in various formats, like:

  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma courses
  • Vocational training courses
  • Bachelor’s Degree courses
  • Master’s Degree courses
  • PG Certificate courses
  • PG Diploma courses
  • Ph.D. programs

Students who have completed XIIth and are looking for Career Opportunities after 12th can opt for Certificate, vocational, diploma and Bachelor’s Degree courses that are UG (undergraduate) level courses. 

Over the years, the IT sector has evolved to directly or indirectly influence the working of various other industries. It is the supporting figure for various sectors such as aviation, education, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, various Government initiatives, and departments, etc.

Indian Information technology industry is growing at a faster pace and has the highest contribution to the economic development of India. According to IBEF, “India is likely to double to reach US$ 250 billion by 2020, growing to 7.5 percent of the GDP.” Such figures are proof of the growing demand for IT professionals.

HCL, one of the leading IT sector companies, has introduced an exclusive job training program for beginners looking for full-time employment after Intermediation. Under the ‘HCL TechBee- Early Career Program’, the candidates undergo 12-month training for entry-level IT jobs. Once the training is complete, trainees can seek to explore career opportunities at HCL.

HCL TechBee is an integrated program that prepares and empowers the students for financial independence and earns right after school. During this 12-months hybrid training program, the overall focus is on students’ education and personality development to make them industry-ready. During the training, the aspirants are entitled to a stipend. HCL TechBee is a part of HCL’s early career program, a work-integrated learning package that fits the millennials’ needs. The program is best positioned as a mix of a top-quality engineering job and an opportunity to pursue graduation from India’s best technical institutions.

While employed at HCL Technologies, individuals can enroll themselves for work-integrated higher education programs. The program’s career path is designed to give an early-stage benefit to the students. Over five years, the students have perks of four years of professional experience and an academic degree. The candidates of this HCL TechBee program start their careers in job roles like Application & Software Development, Design Engineer, and Infrastructure Management Support. 

Students enrolling into HCL TechBee Career Program are expected to undergo 12 months of intensive training, which passes through the following stages:

  • Classroom Training (6-9 months): This includes rigorous classroom training followed by three months to 6 months of on-job training where candidates can work on live projects. 
  • On Job Training (3-6 months): The next stage is the on-job training where candidates work on live projects. Those who complete HCL TechBee– HCL’s Early Career Program join HCL as IT Engineers.
  • Higher Education (3-4 years for Undergraduate program): While working at HCL, these scholars can enroll for higher education programs at BITS Pilani and SASTRA University for Degree programs.

So, leave aside your career-related woes and browse the HCL Techbee program today!

Paul Petersen